Friday, October 2, 2009

Orange and and purple....oh the colors of Halloween!!!

Welcome to the month of Halloween. It's so funny that I have a child that on most days has no clue as to what month or day it actually is BUT let the first of a month roll around that we can decorate for and he knows!!!! It's so much fun to decorate and Halloween is one of our favorite times. We pulled out the old worn out box of goodies and put them here and there and everywhere. Chazman has already put in an order for some more decorations so I think that will be a project for this weekend. Since I have the characters from Resyculbinz just hanging around we decided to use them in our decorations....figure might as well....they will probably like being downstairs in all the turmoil...LOL!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful month of tricks and treats.



  1. I like the way you mixed 'horror' and 'Beauty' all in the same wreath!

  2. why, thank you kind's just part of my quirky nature. ;)