Friday, October 23, 2009

Kaiden's Keepsake

We have a beautiful blue eyed Godson that turned one on October 20th.  What a blessing to be a part of this lil man's life. We were both so honored when our good friend asked us to be his Godparents. We have two names now that we are called on a daily basis....mommie/daddy and now GG/Gpaw. Life is good!!!

This is the keepsake I made for Amber for Kaiden's babyshower. A tiny lil baby faery, yes with tiny pointed ears which I think is the reason that Kaiden was born with tiny pointed ears too and I will never ever be able to live down now...LOL!!! He is laying on a sculpted grape leaf and his wings are real preserved butterfly wings. I love using butterfly wings but they are so hard to find. In the Native American culture the butterfly represents eternal life so I guess God brings them back home to him body and soul when their time here on earth is done. I attached silk ribbons to the piece so that it can be hung on an ornament stand or on the Christmas tree as "Baby's First".

I loved making the first keepsake so much that I decided to make it a yearly tradition for him. Since he is a October baby then of course the thought came to mind that doing a sculpt of what he is for Halloween would make an excellant memory piece. Amber has picked out an adorable costume for him this year....he is going as a giraffe. I sculpted a tiny giraffe costume out of clay and then put baby hands/feet and a sweet face on it.
Of course he is holding up his finger for how old he is.....ONE!!!!!!!!  I sat him next to the spool of thread so you could get an idea as to his size. I know it's hard sometimes to imagine just how big or small ooaks are.
Here is a side view. I think it turned out really cute. I hope that Amber will like it and I hope that when Kaiden gets grown she will let him have them...LOL!!! His keepsakes from his GG.

As soon as I pull out the Christmas ornament boxes I will find the ornaments that I have done for Chaz over the past six years and post photos. I love doing keepsakes....if you would like a ooaks keepsake done drop me an email or leave me a post. As always, thank you for looking. Hugs, Regi

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