Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Santa and the Pumpkins aka Fall Santa is Complete.....

Fall is a wonderful time of year. The air is clean and crisp...the leaves fall and float about in their hues of orange, browns and reds. It's a time to walk in the woods....listen to the rustle of the fallen leaves. Sit and watch the small creatures scurry about. For one man this is the perfect time of year...the only time that he relaxes and enjoys everything around him. It signals a long family tradition. The visit to the pumpkin patch in the well tended garden found a bit southward of the old homestead.  He and his Mrs. love to's the one thing they do all by themselves without any wee ones assisting. Today is the day that he gets to go all find the perfect pumpkins. He can already smell the aromatic spices mixed in with the pumpkin meat baking in what is probably the worlds best pumpkin pie. After cutting two from the patch, still with dirt on the tips of his fingers, he sits a spell.....fires up his favorite pipe and watches as the forest creatures begin to venture out.

The above picture is the base of this ooaks. It is made of pine and wiped down with an green acrylic paint. Silk leaves are attached to the base as well as hand sculpted pumpkins...and the glass garden box/seat.

Santa is loved by not just children but all the furry animals of the forest. Two rabbits just had to come and say hello to this jolly old soul. If you have been following some of my WIP (work in progress) post on this piece then you will recongize the rabbits. They are two of my needle felted characters. I think they added a unique quality to this piece. Santa's boots are made from felt and the cuff is lined in fur....the top piece of the boots are hand tooled genuine leather. His belt is leather with the same hand tooled pieces adorning the front.

Mrs. Claus always packs Santa a bag for his outing to the garden. She packed his journal....Santa loves to write down his adventures. One day he plans on writing a book....ohhhh the stories he will tell.  Of course, he has his favorite box of cookies and some sugar plums. It's getting close to the big day...he has to start putting on his winter weight so his red suit will fit just right.  The pouch is  hand sewn from genuine leather.

Santa is one of my hand sculpted pieces, no molds were used. He has a strong wire armature underneath a bulb'z body. His face, hands and feet were sculpted using Prosculpt clay. His face was painted using acrylic paints. His hair and beard are mohair wool. His cap is made from fur and his boots are made from felt, fur and leather. His outfit is hand sewn using silks, wools and cotton fabrics. Santa would be a little over 12 inches tall if standing....sitting he is right at 10 inches tall. He can be removed from the base and sat on a shelf or small chair. A COA (certificate of Authenticity) will come with this ooaks and will be signed by the artist, that's me. I found a wonderful small supply of tiny vintage Santa books and am presently using those to place the COA in.  If you are interested in adopting this Santa please email me and we will arrange the travel agenda for him to come stay with you. As always, thank you for looking and remember to check back often. I have several Santas planned for this year. I only do a few a year so don't miss out on having a unique and truly one of a kind of your very own.  Hugs, Regi

Price: $225 plus Travel Fare


  1. Regi,
    You have done a wonderful job on this fella! I love all the miniature items you have found too. Looking forward to seeing your next creation of the mr. and mrs. together with their pumpkin pie!


  2. He's delightful! Very nice job on him. I love his accessories...the whole setting is great.

  3. thank you both so much. I made everything on this piece with the exception of the antique glass trinket box. I LOVE making the props almost as much as the sculpts themselves. Almost!!