Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WIP of Boo Tree

The fog was so thick that a light mist was falling.....the sky was a gray almost as though you were looking through a thin veil....as the breeze blew through the trees you could hear the leaves rustling....in the background the sounds of dogs howling!!!! What a perfect day to be sculpting a Boo tree. I have the wire armature done....all the taping complete. Now for a coat or two of glue to seal the tape..let it dry and then it's sculpting time. Chaz wants his tree to have a face....so a face it will have. Trying to decide if it's going to be a happy, fun face....or a grumpy, snarling face. Maybe a combination of the two. I found the perfect wooden base to use for the sculpt and it will have enough room to do some tiny sculpts to sit...stand or whatever ghouls and goblins do around a tree. Hummmm...maybe a game of ring around the tree!!! Check back as this design unfolds....more WIP pics will be posted. Now to go downstairs and stop my dog from howling..enough of the special effects already......LOL Hugs, Regi

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