Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WOW...Santa got a SUN BURN!!!

The annual Trim A Tree Christmas event is just around the corner and I'm frantically trying to get some new things done. WHAT??? You don't know what the Trim A Tree (TAT) is? You must be new to the old Southern ooaks house OR you are as forgetful as I am these days. HEHE HEY...I did put myself in with that statement and if the shoe fits...well...Wear it!!!!! If you are new or just need a reminder simply click HERE to read all about it.

Since times are so hard for everyone I thought perhaps some of my ornies would be a good selling item. Simple to make and not expensive. I thought that since I do live in a coastal town that some of them should be of that theme. I started with these three yesterday. Keep in mind they are not baked or painted yet. I guess you could say they are NEKKID..kind of!!!
This is the jolly main old elf himself. (that's Santa for those that don't know) He is standing in the his old timey suit tank with his Rudolph swim ring. 
Here he is again...standing on coconuts so he can reach up to put some Christmas decorations on a palm tree.
Here is Santa with one of our local beach dwellers...HANK!!! Hank is a Heron that loves to take walks on the beach in the early mornings AND have his picture taken. One of our local gents, Steve Jones...who by the way does more than just get up early and snap some amazing beach shots but also does so much for and around our community and is such a great asset to all of us....thank you Mr. Jones....and to Mrs. Jones for sharing you with all of us!!!!  Steve gets up each and every morning and does a walkabout on the beach and wouldn't believe the postcard photographs he takes. It seems though that HANK has become a favorite. Such a character....let me show you.
Hank and one of his buddies!!
A morning he was camera shy apparently!!
Enjoying the waves!!

So you see...I just had to do an ornie with Santa and Hank. It seems though that Hank had other ideas. I don't think he likes being included with anyone else. (Did you happen to notice in the photo with his buddy that Hank was walking away?) I put the piece in the oven to bake and checked on it several times. All was going great and then my last check as the timer went off and OMGOSH...Santa got a horrible sun burn and oven stripes. Argggggg....I so could not believe what I was seeing. Do you think that Hank tried to fly away or worse...pulled a Heron ninja kick on the old guy? I mean if I didn't know any better I would believe that he had completely pushed Santa off their sand base and in doing so pulled him right out of his feet and smacked him right on the oven rack. Poor Santa. There will be a moment of silence please............

Now....I'm going to do another ornie of Santa and Hank and this time Hank had better behave himself or I might just forget he is a Heron and cook him up like a turkey!!! 

Until next time.....Hugs, Regi 

P.S. Keep fingers,toes and eyes crossed that this one turns out...pplease!!!!!!

P.S.S. I just had to share this now. I sculpted another Santa and Hank early this morning and Hank totally behaved himself this time. (had to give him a serious talk before he went into the oven though)
I'm doing my ornies in sets of 5....not that they have to be purchased as a set...individually will do too. ^_^  So I also sculpted two more this morning so Santa and Hank could share their sauna oven time with some friends. We love going to the beach and watching the guys wind surf. Now doing a small sculpt with a kite above would make it to heavy to hang on a tree BUT a Santa on just a surf board...well... KOWABUNGA Dude....that would so work.
I also wanted to do one that could make you think of two things here in our area. First that might come to mind are those AWESOME FRG#2 (that's Fish River Grill #2 for those that aren't locals here...the best place to eat here in Foley) Hurricane burgers that Ms. Diana and her crew makes. YUMMY!!!!  The second thought you could have might just be of one of Jimmy Buffet's famous songs "Cheeseburger in Paradise".
Now....on to my Bear Bottom ornies and then perhaps some real sand dollar muse is singing up a storm today. I just hope she is about finished with her 100th rendition of Cheeseburger in Paradise....LOL 


  1. Thanks for all the smiles- I LOVE your beach bum Santas- they are great and perfect for a beachy Christmas; I'm sure they'll be super popular!

  2. Those ornaments are amazing! And there's a blue heron on the lake behind our house who is sooo shy. I'm impressed you got pictures at all.

  3. OH, my goodness, these are incredible!!! I need one of your santa ornies!!!! LOL! I can't wait to see them all painted and fabulous, but I can't believe they look this good without all of that! HA!

  4. I love all of your ornies. Your photos are great too.

  5. Oooo, thanks for sharing- Hank and Santa are great, as is Santa with his giant burger.....

  6. Totally awesome!!! I hope they all sell for you! I think the beach themes are perfect for your area. Hugs!!!

  7. What a fun post! You had me giggling all the way through. That Santa is one fab dude. Pretty cool photos of Hank as well, btw, and birds aren't easy to photograph.