Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Fall Ya'll

Wow...just where in the world is this year going? Is it just me or is time flying by at super sonic speed these days? When I was a child, time seemed to just creep by....taking it's own sweet TIME so to speak. I guess I shouldn't complain though since I still have a young one at home and I can see things through his eyes. He makes each day such a joy but WOW....he adds so much more to the seasons and the Holidays.

Halloween was a fun time this year....okay okay, it's always a fun time...but since the Chazman and I worked on our mummy project together it seemed MORE fun. The kiddos in his class loved them and when I asked if they all ripped them apart to get to the candy he surprised me by saying that they all just poked holes in the tops and poured the candy out. WHAT???? Who would ever have imagined so much discipline in 3rd graders?

It's the 1st of November...can you believe that? Christmas is going to be here before we know it. Perhaps I should shhhhhush on that subject for now. (fingers crossed"  it will take it's time in coming.) The Chazman said this morning that he would be sad to see all the Halloween decorations gone but he knew that he would come home and see the Thanksgiving ones up in their place. Was that a hint or what??? Soooo....I took all the BOO ones and put them away and pulled out our  BEARy cute Fall ones.
These are decorations that I have been using...hmmmmm...longer than my Li'l Chazman has been around. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I have a HUGE love of bears. In my opinion NO ONE CAN HAVE TO MANY BEARS". They are cute and just put a smile on your face. Thank goodness that Chaz loves them just as much.

I did make a few outfits a few years ago to dress up some of his bears with....to fit in with the fall theme. Like the pilgrim bear sitting on top of the clock.

And these cute two little guys.
What would Thanksgiving time be without a pilgrim, an indian and a turkey? LOL  Magically though our little turkey will come out of his costume on Thanksgiving day and remind us that he is a bear and NOT a TURKEY!! Wonder if he ever gets together with the cows and discusses chickens? Okay...I watch way to many TV commercials.

I hope that everyone has a very Happy Fall time during the month of November and is blessed with a feast for Thanksgiving!!!
Until next time....Hugs, Regi

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