Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sealife pieces for Trim A Tree event!!

I had so much more I wanted to do for the TAT event but alas...my head is a pounding and I can barely focus so I think it's time to call it a wrap. I hope that some of my items will be a hit and sell. I know times are hard for everyone BUT I think with that being said...it's a good year to buy from local artist. Yep...that sounds mighty good to me. Doesn't it to you?

I made some of my mermaid tail charms and I didn't attach any chains or ribbons or cords to them. It will keep the cost down for me and for whom ever purchases one. It seems that everyone has a certain preference for what they like so I thought it a good idea just to factor that out and let the buyer decide later on.

Remember the WIP teaser of the three seahorses on my previous post? I was going to make a bracelet and earrings with them but just ran out of time to do one of my macrame bracelets. Well.......ran out of time and steam ..hehe) I made the earrings I had planned and in place of the bracelet I made a keychain.

I love working with my shells and doing anything with regards to the ocean. We have quiet the collection of shells from our walkabouts too. I have noticed when being out and about in town that some of the women are wearing the larger medallion necklaces. I thought medallion...shells...clay....yep....I can make one and I did. Hmmmm...actually I made two. Again...I didn't attach a chain or ribbon or cord to the medallion. The opening in the top will allow the buyer to use any of the three.
This kinda has a Chinese look to it,doesn't it? The red on the shell is not paint....it's actually colors in the shell.
I have had these sea glass beads for some time and have just been dying to use them. They just add so much to this piece...or at least I think so. Please tell me it does and I'm just not so POOPED that I just think it does..LOL!!

Now my last sea item is one that I was so afraid that my clumsy fingers wouldn't be able to do. Natural sand dollars. I sealed them and attached German glass to the front.....makes it look like someone just picked it up from the beach. Surprise..Surprise, I didn't break any of them. I really was worried. The sealer gave them some added strength. I attached a shell to the rope tie along with the legend of the sand dollar.

I know that it's hard to read the attached card so I will type it again for you....it's really a very unique legend.

The Sand Dollar

One of nature's most unusual shells.
The five splits in the shell represent the five
wounds in the body of Christ.
The Easter Lily design has, in it's center, a
five pointed star, the star of Bethlehem.
On the back is the outline of the Poinsettia,
the Christmas flower.
When the shell is broken open carefully,
five perfect replicas of a dove can be found,
These are the doves of Peace.

I love this legend and I do hope that folks won't try and break them open to see if the doves are there. Believe me...they are there!!! 

I'm excited to have pieces in the event and I hope it's a good year for all the artist that have their works in it too. I already have my Alice characters and my Faerie Races series there. I'm also going to be taking Santa and Chester, the mermaid twins, the Man in the Moon by the sea, my needle felted mermaid and Gypsy the Fall faerie. If you are in our area anytime from November 10th through to the 23rd of December, please go by and see all the amazing and wonderful works by our local artist. I'm sure you can find something that just screams "TAKE ME HOME".

Until next time....Hugs, Regi

If you are new to the old Southern Ooaks and don't know about TAT (Trim A Tree) then click HERE to read all about just what it's about. Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you come back often. I LOVE my visitors!!


  1. What a creative treasury of sea art Regina. Good luck on their sales.

  2. Oh so beautiful- I LOVE those mermaid tails, so creative and GORGEOUS! I know you'll do really well with these!

  3. Wonderful pieces! I love the mermaid tail charms! Those are so cool!

  4. Lovely gifts from the sea, Regi! Hope you have lots of sales.

  5. Those mermaid tails are gorgeous! I'm in love with the first one, do you plan on putting any of these in your easy shop? I'd totally lace it with a ribbon to hang it on my tree.

  6. Thank you EVERYONE for the wonderful comments. I just love ya'll so much (big hug) ^_^

    I'm working on some to put in my Etsy shop and hope to have them there by this weekend.


  7. Those mermaid tails are really lovely and you have been busy!!!! They will make wonderful and unique gifts xx