Friday, November 4, 2011

Much Better Ornie Photos..YEA!!!

I guess after a whole night of letting the batteries camera took much better photos this morning. SO let me show you the Beach Santa ornies.....AGAIN!!!
Santa and Hank
Santa and the Pine Palm tree
Kowabunga Santa
Santa and his Rudolph floatie
Santa and his Cheeeeseburger

The following ornies are some of my Bear Bottom designs. I just LOVE bears....don't you?? Okay...not real ones...welll....actually I do like real ones but at a very far distance. They look cute and "cuddly" but I'm sure looks can be very deceiving so I'll stick to my stuffed and clay ones.

BB and pal...Free Snow Cones
BB and Sugar Plum Dreams
BB and Wreath
BB and old fashioned ribbon candy
Aubie and Al BB Caroling
(yep...I painted their scarfs and Al's cap Auburn and Alabama colors)

Now it's on to making some penguin ornies. I just love penguins...they are such comical characters ya know. Then I'm going to try and work on some natural sand dollar ornies....they are so delicate...we will have to see if these clumsy fingers can work with them...hehe

Until next time....Hugs,Regi


  1. So cute! I think Santa and Hank is my favorite! Although, I'm loving the cheeseburger! :-)

  2. I am still liking Santa and the Rudolph floatie best, yep. Too funny. ah, and those BBs, aren't they just the cutest? Sugar Plum Dreams is my fav there.

  3. Your work is absolutely awesome ~ Love it ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy AEDM ^_^