Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sooo...whatcha doing?

Sooo...whatcha been doing today? I have been working on several things at one time. YES...I said several things at once...can you believe it? I mean I hardly ever do that and for good reason too. I'm always afraid that I will combine my projects into one. That so would not be a good thing.....most of the me. It's actually a bit scary to even think about it. (shhhhh...don't let my muse hear us...she might decide it just might be fun to see what I do)

My first project of the day: I used the last of my clay to make a sleeping mermaid. I was so excited because I had made her base months ago. I wish that I hadn't glued the shells together though because I really needed the one she was going to be sleeping in to be able to go in the oven with her. Then I got to thinking..(that was my first mistake...hehe) I said out loud (yes..I talk to myself and actually answer myself at times but shhh don't tell) "Ahhh Ha..I'm sure with all the shells that I have that I had another shell that will be just the same size as the one on the base.  So I dug into my big wooden shell box and found one. Perfect....I thought. I used it and wasn't the same. Oh bother!! The shell I used didn't let her lean enough and her tail didn't wrap under like the other. Sooooo..what did I do? I hate to tell you...cause it was dumb but then everyone knows I can be a ditzy doodle at times and today was one of those times...for reals!! (I have always wanted to use that phrase...I love when my firend Jingle does) I took the mermaid out while she was still warm....thinking (there's that word I shouldn't be using) and put her in the base shell and tried to gently..apparently not gently enough make her "fit" into it. She slowly molded to the shell and I thought "WHEW" not so bad and then comes her tail. Arggggg....if I had a plank I would have so made her walk it....or hop it..which ever the case may be.

My muse...after her hysterical laughing fit....whispered that perhaps I should paint some more tiny shells. I'm working on two, one of a snowman with a penguin and the second another mermaid. I will post pics for you after they are all finished. I'm sure I will work on more than just two in a bit. My mind is still numb from doing something so dumb earlier.

I'm also working on some fabric flowers for some bobby pins. The Angel program is helping us this year with the Chazman's Christmas and I want to give back. I can't buy anything (if I could then I wouldn't need the help..ha) but I can make things. I'm also going to make some of my fabric corsages, some wrist cuffs, some hemp necklaces and some Bohemian bags. I will post pics as I get them complete.

So, as I asked in the beginning....what have you been doing today? I so hope that your day has been better than mine.


  1. I have been baking little monsters and such for family gifts. I have been collecting beads for bracelets (also for gifties), and I, too, have been thinking of making some little clips with flowers on them (great minds!!). I have a lot to do, and it seems to me that I am not getting ANY of it finished! lol! Maybe I need a cuppa tea. :) Xox

  2. We must be on the same energy line. The last two days I have made clay cabs, did a lost wax process on them, beaded a gourd and a bottle, air brushed the cabs and a face I made, Cleaned house, did all of my computer dealings and waited out one heck of a storm.
    Could you imagine what we could get done if we lived close to each other. LOL

  3. WOW, you have been BUSY! Can't wait to see all the pictures- I know they'll all be fabulous!