Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Projects

The weekend officially starts on Friday afternoon...or at least around this old Southern Ooaks it does. I always look forward to the Chazman getting off the bus and as he is dancing walking up the front walk and singing "It's's Friday, chachacha", I know the weekend has begun!! Silly goose...I know...but ya gotta luv him. Well, you don't have to but believe me...if you met him you would. Anyways, this Friday I was given a surprise by my sweet Li'l man. This AWESOME chalk painting!!! I do believe the artistic genes have been passed down. Isn't it awesome? He calls it day into night. I have it hanging right over my art desk. What better item to look at and have my muse sing a complete symphony.

As I stated in my last post, I worked on several designs and projects at once on Friday and continued with them throughout the weekend. You know that I'm making things for the Angel program and this weekend it was spent making for the little girls. I hope that they will like some of these. I mean..who doesn't like to smell fresh flowers. Of course these you can't smell but you can wear them. Some are clipped to barrettes...some to pins and some to hair clips. The hair clip ones you can slide the clip off and slide them onto a headband or even a ribbon and wear as a necklace. So let's take a walk through the garden.
Ohhhh, I almost forgot. I was working on some more painted shells on Friday. Another mermaid (a good friend was given the first mermaid one) a snowman and a penguin (look close at this will see where the snowballs come from for the penguin's snow cones..hehe) and one that the Chazman requested (one with a snow scene and Ms Peaches, our cat) I think these will look pretty attached to a wreath. If anyone is interest in them, please feel free to email me or leave a comment here. I have several more that are just sitting here, staring at me, waiting for me to paint.

I have been thinking about painting some of the bigger ones that I have. I have to find a really strong glue that will hold against a shell so I can make a pretty hanger for them. Any suggestions on what type of glue? All suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance...I know I will get one or two...ri iight??

I also spent some of this weekend working on a medallion mold. I had designed one with a mermaid that will have natural shells attached. I finally after working the clay and "SQUISHING" the clay (several times mind you) got one that I liked. It's hard making molds.....everything is inside out. Did ya know that? Or perhaps I just make it harder than I should. But worked out for me. Yea!! Here is the first baked piece using the mold.

So...that was my busy weekend. What creative thing did you do this weekend? I'm off now to start on some wrist cuffs and hemp bracelets...can't forget the fella's in the program. Hope you have a wonderful Monday.

Until next time..........Hugs, Regi


  1. Hi Regi, wow you certainly have been busy!!! I love those paintings in the shells and the flowers are so pretty I think they will look really lovely in a little girls hair!!! :0)

  2. I'm sure any little girl will just love those flowers! Nice work!

  3. Look at you go!!!! Everything is simply gorgeous!!! You continue to amaze me with your talents!

  4. WOW, WOW, I don't know where to begin- you've been working on SO much!
    I LOVE Chaz's drawing/painting- absolutely LOVE it! I have a giant cardboard Christmas card that Garrett made for me years ago just waiting to be a central decoration in my studio when we get it done....LOVE stuff like this, thanks for sharing!
    And then all the projects you've been working on...again, WOW! I love those flowers, especially the tattered ones, SO very pretty! And your shell work just gets better and better- LOVE the one with Ms. Peaches.....I wonder if you could attach the shell to your clay and use the clay for a base for the hanger?
    Anyway, congrats on such a productive weekend- I did a little but not nearly as much as you!

  5. Seriously? Is there anything you CAN'T do?! I love everything you do!