Monday, November 7, 2011

Football Mascots for the TAT event!!!

I know that in my last post I said that I was going to be working on some penguins...WELLLL....for some mascots kept popping in my head. I'm sure it was my muse singing to me and we all know how irritating persistent she can I put the one Li'l penguin aside and started working on some mascots.

I wanted them to represent the animal counterpart of each teams gets confusing with some of them...mascot one thing but team called something completely different...but after some research (who knew there were other teams out there besides Alabama and Auburn...hehe... Of course y'all know that's not true. Who can grow up in the South and not know about all the teams. I mean really folks!!) I set out to do some sculpting. With the old Hubbikins being such a HUGE Bama fan I figured I would start with that one.
Now he and I don't see eye to eye every weekend. I do LOVE Bama but I also LOVE Auburn. I know...I are probably saying the exact same thing that he does...."You aren't a true BAMA CAN'T like two different isn't done". Well guess what...I so can and I so there!!! I have to admit that some of the time I do it just to aggravate him and it soooo works, but I do love Auburn. The folks there are friendly and it's just a great football town. I guess you know which ornie is next....AUBURN!!
I have some friends that are just the sweetest folks. I actually consider them so much more than just friends. They are family!! Deb is a big BAMA fan (probably more so than the old Hubbikins but shhhh I won't tell him that to his face..I'm not that brave hehe) but Sam, her Hubbikins is one of those Tennessee fans. I just had to sculpt one of their cute hounddog. His photo turned out a bit hazy because I couldn't keep Ms Peaches away from it. She so doesn't like dogs and apparently that goes for clay ones as well.
Now, with us living only about 25 minutes from Pensacola (that's in Florida ya know..the place with the 2nd best prettiest beaches....LOL) I just had to do a Gator. The Chazman has already put in an order for a Gator...not that he is a Gator fan but he thought it was "AWESOME" (his words...not mine). He also wants one that has a body and not just a head. He said his LEGO men could do battle with it. Hmmmmm, wonder just where he got that so vivid imagination from?? Psssstttt...come closer....his birthday is the 13th and I think he is getting LEGO's...he loves LOVES loves LEGO's. I guess I should make the Gator for him too...I mean the LEGO men have to have something to battle, ri iight? OK...back to the post and the Gator.
In researching, I discovered that the mascot for Georgia is a bulldog. OMGOSH...they are so ugly they are adorable. Now...I have a very sweet friend that I have known since we were youngins ( well I was a youngin and she was a wee sprout)and we just recently reconnected on Facebook. See...Facebook can be a good thing...LOL Anyways....her Hubbikins is a BIG Georgia fan so I decided I just had to make one for Georgia.
I'm hoping that those that come to the Trim A Tree event (starting this Thursday by the way) will fall in love with one of these. I mean what a great gift for that football fan that has everything. I'm going to tell Ms Bonnie that I will be more than happy to take orders. Fingers crossed!!!

I worked on these Friday and Saturday and when I had them finished and was taking photos I realized that I had forgotten to do one that I had designed out already. It might have been a good thing that I did forget at the time because I'm sure it would have ended up smashed into a gazillion pieces or thrown in the trash. I bet you can guess which one I forgot......
Yep....LSU...which by the way has been officially declared a very BAD word in this household. "Honey, it's just a football game." That's something I won't be saying to him out loud either...due to the FEAR factor.

In seeing all my ornie groups on the table, I decided that since I had six mascots then I needed 6 beach Santa ones and 6 Bear Bottom ones. are the extras for those groups.
Santa with a natural shell
BB and his friend Polar, making snow chains

Now it's time to work on some jewelry pieces but before I's two WIP (teaser) photos........
Good luck mermaid tail charm
Seahorse charms

Until next time....HUGS, Regi


  1. You've been a busy little bee, girl. Those football mascots are great, so funny, and of course Santa with his big shell is fab. xx