Thursday, November 3, 2011 can be a pain in the........

I can be a big pain in the times!!! I finished the Beach Santa's today and started to take pics and noticed that they wouldn't focus and then "POOF" my camera shuts down. Batteries!! I just charged them two days ago. I think I actually heard a tiny giggle when it cut itself off and I started mumbling under my breath words that I really don't think anyone here needs to read. shouldn't and I actually am not sure what I said....I mumbled!!

Perhaps I can tease you with the fuzzed ones and then hopefully....fingers crossed...I can retake them tomorrow and you will get to really see them. frustrating....although I have to admit, that most the time it's just simply the operator.

Santa and Hank
Santa and Rudolph floatie
Santa and Cheeseburger
Kowabunga Santa

It seems that the Santa and Palm tree is the one that the camera shut down on. (I have told ya'll about our ghost, ri iight?) Hopefully tomorrow I can get better photos of the Santa's and get ones of the Bear Bottom clan as they are completed too.

Until next time......HUGS, very frustrated Regi


  1. Those are SOOOO CUTE!!!! Ohmygosh - some of your bestest work! Keep going, keep going!!!!

  2. Tehehehe, similar thing happened to me a couple of days ago when I wanted to take pics of the gifts I had received. Super frustrating that was. Took one blurry pic and then the Nikon shut down, used a few naughty words and went to grab my little point and shoot, only to find that one shutting down on me straight away as well. Had to wait hours before I could take the pics and post them.
    Love the Santas, they are so much fun! I think my favourite is the one with the Rudolph floatie, that really makes me chuckle.

  3. I love the surfing Santa! :) Don't get me started about technology. I just get something figured out, and it either breaks, or they 'upgrade' it and I'm back to square one. ;)) xox

  4. These look so amazing!!!! I've had that happen! So annoying! LOL!

  5. They are fabulous! I hope they all get snatched up!