Wednesday, November 16, 2011

LOVE my Custom Jewelry tags!!

I love designing my ooaks (one of a kind scultps) and my needle felt characters and even my ornies BUT my biggest enjoyment comes from letting my gypsy soul dance around free. One of the ways I do that is in making my fabric flower corsages. So many uses for them...really...there is!! I would never, ever fib to you. They can be attached to a cloth purse....I mean who doesn't like the Bohemian/gypsy look sometimes. They can be worn on a dress to give it a romantic look or even worn on a tshirt to just make you stand out as unique. One way that I love to wear them is when I wear one of my light wool shawls. I love shawls. They can dress up even the simplest outfit. I like to wrap them where one side is crossed over up high on my shoulder and then pin the corsage to keep the shawl in place. Here is my latest corsage with a matching pair of earrings.
**Notice the silver tag hanging from the leaves**
Well...we are going to talk about that now!!

I always get so many compliments when I wear one of my corsages and let's admit it...there is no greater way to promote oneself that to wear your own designs. I think mine as a bit different than some that you see but I like making sure that everyone knows which ones are mine. The way I do that is with a small silver tag.

If you come and sit under the old Southern ooaks from time to time then you know of the amazing company that I'm about to tell you about. It has some of the best charms, beads and tags. So many different ones to choose from that I can spend an entire afternoon just drooling looking at them. They are the place to go if you are a jewelry designer/maker or even one that just loves jewelry. The place I'm speaking of is the Charm Factory. The folks at the factory offer quality pewter as well as sterling silver charms and findings at probably the best prices around. *HINT HINT* FREE shipping in the U.S. for orders over $25. Some of the items you will find with them are, of course, the sterling findings, charms and tags along with alphabet beads, bracelets, Twilight inspired jewelry, Pave', and custom jewelry tags (my favorite) and some lovely European Lampwork beads. Now with already having said that the custom jewelry tags  are my favorite, let me tell you why. They are a great way to distinguish your work....put your own unique mark on it. Can we say, advertise..advertise..advertise? What better way to get you out there than to have someone that loves your work be wearing it and showing it off to others and your name or logo be right there. Also, the Charm Factory makes ordering them so easy and they will always make sure that you love what you order. No waiting for long periods of time to receive your order either. They are FAST!!! So fast.

What are you waiting for....go and check them out. Just have that drool cloth are so going to need it!!

Until next time.....HUGS, Regi



  1. Love your corsage- I could totally see myself with a vintage-y one for my coat.....not if only Rumplestilskin would offer me a pile of gold to buy all these things I want for me.....

  2. I'll bet they really do look good on a scarf. They are gorgeous. Yes, you are smart to add that tag. I've been criticized by my customers because I don't add my cards to my work sometimes.

  3. hello it must be so interesting designs every one can like it and you have so nice blog thanks.......

  4. I love the corsage you are showing, all those dangly bits are gorgeous.

  5. Awesome! I love these little tags. Advertising is a great thing!

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