Monday, April 23, 2012

An AWESOME weekend!!

What an AWESOME weekend we had!! Of course, you already know that it started out with me getting new batteries. I'm so easy to make happy, aren't I? HEHE  I said that I was going to work on my newest mermaid ooaks today but instead decided to tackle the dreaded laundry monster and read. It's a rather blustery day here in our little coastal town. It's 63!!! It feels like a nice crisp fall day, perfect for tackling monsters and reading.

The Chazman had a blast at the ballgame on Saturday....we all did. There weren't many folks at the game which was a HUGE surprise as so many folks LOVE the Mobile Bay Bears. I think perhaps the weather had something to do with it. It rained almost all day here in Foley but when I called to make sure we could take a bag in with us (towels, blankets and such) I was told that Mobile had not gotten even a drop of rain. YEA!!! We were excited and headed to Mobile. Chaz loves driving through the tunnel that takes you under the Mobile Bay. I must admit that I do too.

You can roll your windows down just a tat and swear you can hear the water rushing overhead. Of course, it's just the traffic echoing in the tunnel. Not sure I would really want to hear the water. YIKES...that's a scary thought!!

As soon as we got to Hank Aaron Stadium and made sure Chaz had what he needed, to do all the things that his high AR points had awarded him with (SO PROUD) Daddy and he raided the souvenir shop. I didn't think they were ever going to come back outside. The Chazman found what he wanted (something that some of the kiddos last year had and they had sold out of them then) and came bounding out the door smiling from ear to ear.

He now feels like a true Bay Bear fan....bear claw and all...LOL!!! Right behind them coming out the door was none other than "Teddy" the Bay Bears mascot and yes yes...the Chazman HAD to have a pic with him.

Notice the red wrist band on the Chazman? That said that he made the "Home run" with the AR points. He got his ticket free....a  hot dog, chips and a Dr Wham plus he got to walk on the field...go in the dug out and get a commemorative baseball. He had a blast on the field...not sure if it was walking on it or talking with his friends.

The game was awesome as the Bears have some fantastic players. Trevor Bauer pitched and about a fast ball. Most of his pitches were 95+mph. It was cool getting to see how fast they were pitching on the scoreboard. We had great seats too...right on the homeplate/first base side. I so wouldn't mind going to a few more of their games this year. I do believe one or two of these players will be moving up to the Arizona Diamondbacks real soon!!!

Sunday was a cleaning day and it was great  having the hubbikins and the Chazman with me. They are so much help and with all three of us each taking a task then we get the job done in no time. We had 2 units to clean in the same complex so when we got to the second one we decided to take a little break and sit on the balcony and drink some tea. (yummmm...good old Southern Sweet tea) While we were sitting there we were being thoroughly entertained. A pod of dolphins were playing in the bay....jumping and following some of the boats going by. I tried to get a shot of them but my little camera isn't the best in the world. Not complaining by any happy I have one...but down the road I want a better with ZOOM!!

I happen to catch one of them jumping..I's hard to see but that little blip under the bubble is a is...I kid you not!! Isn't the water a beauty. Love when the greens and blues just POP out at you.

It's a breathtaking view from these units. Do you see the really light green in the photo? Those are sand bars. Some of them you can stand up and the water only comes about to your knee or thigh. The dark area is the channel that was dug out for the boats to travel on. Our other entertainment was a group of pelicans that had obviously found a school of fish. They would circle around and then dive bomb straight into the water and come up with a fish. I could have sat and watched them all afternoon. So much inspiration just waiting for me to sit and rest a spell so I can see it. Not only am I getting paid to clean but my artistic soul just soars with all the input it's being given. was YOUR weekend? A great one I hope. Thank you for stopping by today and until next time........


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  1. I love the happiness in your words. I would really like that tunnel too. Glad you all had time together for the weekend.
    I owe you an email.
    Crossed Fingers