Monday, April 30, 2012

Salt Life for me!!!

It was a very interesting weekend and it was all due to living the Salt Life!!! Now that we live in a coastal town I can not imagine living any place else. So close to nature and all she has to offer. Mother Earth is amazing ^_^ Of course.....there are some man made times that get added into the mix as well. I mean...where else can you have a job and get to look out at an emerald green coast, smell the salt air and witness so many breathtaking things going on around you and know that as soon as your job is complete that you can walk down to the warm white sand and just sit and listen and watch!!

Saturday was nice....we only had one unit to clean and once finished we were going to go to the beach but the Hubbikins wanted to get home and see what in the world was going on with our old Betsy (that's our vehicle in case you are to young to know what that means..hehe) I won't go into detail because frankly my dears I have no clue as to what he did or what in the world Betsy is up to. That's his job!!  I pulled weeds in the flower beds that wrap around the house. I have some very interesting plants!!  Sunday's schedule had us down for cleaning two units and we decided that it had been long enough since we had gone to the beach and just sat and enjoyed we did...after we cleaned the two units of course.

With it being a bit late in the afternoon after we finished cleaning, the beach we went to was not crowded at all. It wasn't just because of that but also that the water is still pretty dang cold. Not for the Chazman though and if he goes in then that means I go in. Brrrrrrrrrr.....I couldn't decide if my feet and legs actually got use to the water temp or if they just became numb from the cold. ^_^   The ocean was letting Chaz have a grand time as it rolled in and pushed him over (not under...just over and over he tumbled) This merboy loves the ocean. I do believe that his baby blues get even bluer with a hint of emerald in them when he is in her element. Several times he did get a bit choked up, coughing water out but that was only because he was giggling so much in all the fun he was having. While we were splashing and playing we looked up and to our surprise there were the Blue Angels flying overhead. We love going to the Pensacola Naval Museum where the angels are stationed at and to actually get to see this amazing squadron flying was awesome.

We thought our day was made by seeing them BUT Mother Earth/Ocean was not going to be outdone by any means. She decided to show us her flying squadron. wasn't fish jumping out of the water...HAHA...but a group of Manta rays catching the waves and coming close to shore. Have you ever seen a Manta ray? Beautiful dark angels gliding through the water or as the Chazman put it....giant water bats. It was AMAZING!! It was kinda eerie too that they showed up right after we saw the Blue Angels. The Angels fly in a team of six and we counted six Manta rays in the group. Makes you wonder, huh?  I can't believe that I didn't have my camera with me but I did find on youtube someone that did have a video camera handy on the day they saw some. (Manta HERE)

See how great it is to live the Salt Life. Arrrggg me maties...I wouldn't a nare be a livin anywhere else.

Until next time...............Hugs,

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