Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jada and Pearl

Deep on the ocean floor, sits a tiny, young merchild named Jada. Her bright shining green eyes and beautiful green/purple tail is why her momma named her that. Jada means precious green.  Her golden ringlets will one day relax and give her that flowing hair that most mermaids are known for. Today,  Jada is happily bouncing in her shell. Not many know that the shells the merbabies are born in will remain with them for life. With each stage of their lives it will become exactly what they need at the time. First their crib...then a bouncing chair....then a place to hide precious treasures they discover. Finally, it will become their own young ones crib. Jada is discovering that she has a unique talent....she can control the fishies. Well..at least this one little fish that has been swimming around since her birth. Her momma told her that this was her very own companion and that she would stay with her throughout her lifetime. Jada hadn't picked out a name for her little companion until today. She whispered that she would love to have some pearls of her own...like her momma had. Swish....off little fishie swam to return with a string of beautiful pearls in her mouth...just for Jada. Jada was caught a bit off guard that fishie did as she asked and then she started to giggle. Little fishy just gave herself a name....Pearl!!!

Aren't Jada and Pearl just as cute as can be. Love the chubby little cheeks of young ones. Just makes you want to pinch them..hehe!!  If you read my previous post then you know that Jada has a very strong wire armature wrapped in tape and sealed in glue. She is one of my fully sculpted ooaks. From base to tip of her ringlets she sits at 4 1/4 inches. I did individual scales for her tail and then applies fine MICA powders before baking. I just love the sheen it gives them....like fish scales!! Pearl also has a strong wire armature underneath her fully sculpted clay body. She also has a coating of fine MICA powders as well. The string of pearls are vintage...they were taken from an old wedding veil. I love re purposing items. Her shell is a natural sea shell that has been attached to a spiral wire base. Jada is permanently attached to her shell. She is a collector's item and not a toy so handle her with care. You never know what she might tell Pearl to do if you don't. ^_^

Thank you for coming to visit the old Southern ooaks tree today. I hope you will come back again soon. Until next time........HUGS,



  1. So lovely and love her fish Pearl too!

  2. You are so talented Regi! I love the expressions on your pieces.

  3. So darling!!! I love her! You are soooo talented and I love ya!

  4. Wow he turned out so great. I mean I think he is your best work.

  5. Jada is wonDERful- and I loved her story!
    Happy creating!