Saturday, April 14, 2012

Going to the Condos!!!

It's Saturday...which means it's time to head to the condos!! WooHoo....white sandy beaches....the smell of the fresh salty air...the waves crashing on the shore...and the time to feed my laughing little feathered friends!!!

STOP!!! That's not the complete truth..hehe!! It is time to head to the condos but so not for relaxing. It's time to do my cleaning thang. Yeah yeah...I know. I'm probably one of the few folks that actually loves to clean. At least I do have the scenery of paradise while I do it and I can smell the fresh salty air and even hear the waves crashing on the shore. Working and getting inspiration...can't be beat!! I thought before I left that I would show you some more WIP photos on the captured mermaid I'm working on.

If you stopped by the old Southern ooaks tree yesterday then you will notice I did a few tweaks on her face. I love the cutie pie whimsy face.

Sorry about the bit of fuzzy here. I think Flower was a bit camera shy in snapping a pic of her wee little hiney.

I'm hoping to start painting her later today. Just depends on how messy the condos are that I'm cleaning today and how long I decide to stare out the windows while cleaning ^_^.  Perhaps I will encounter the pirates again this weekend or maybe get to see the dolphins playing in the bay. Ohhh...the life on the coast....playing or working for this mermaid/gypsy/bohemian soul. Until next time..............


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  1. She's really coming along! I hope you had fun and got to take some more cool photos!!!