Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday WIP without photo..argggg

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!!! See how up and cheerful and happy I am...arggggg!!! LOL  I don't know what is going on but I just can't seem to keep camera batteries. I mean...I can keep them. I can keep them in a drawer, in a charger, in a box but they don't last but for perhaps one time of shooting photos and that's just a bunch of malark. HA..I sound like a Dr. Suess book. ^_^

I will just have to give you a WIP update without photos. Well....I can show you the base of the WIP I'm doing now. guessed, it's one of the shell bases I did some time ago.

Such a beautiful mermaid chair....perfect for cuddling with her merchild. I have the armature made for the mermaid and a tiny one for the merchild.  My muse is telling me that she wants the mom holding her child in her lap....a tender moment. The child's face was completed yesterday and today I will be working on the body for it. (So hate I don't have photos to show today..ARGGGG!!!)

I am happy though....happy that YOU stopped by to visit with me this morning. Have an awesome day and until next time..........



  1. I have that battery issue with my phone and finally bought a new battery and it seems to work fine, now -- maybe I had a bad one?

    For the camera, I have a backup battery -- was totally worth it when I reached for the camera today to take to shoot Zack's play and it was almost dead!

  2. What a perfect mermaid chair!!! Awesomesauce! Looking forward to more photos when your battery cooperates.

    There's a new collection of Magnolia stamps coming out soon - all ocean themed and there's a new mermaid Tilda!!!! SO EXCITED to get my grubby lil mitts on her!!