Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother and child...Mermaids

A mother's love knows no boundaries and that doesn't just exist in our human world.  Deep near the ocean floor in a well hidden cave surrounded by a beautiful coral reef sits a mother...cuddling her tiny son. She waited so long for this little miracle to arrive and she will protect him without hesitation. There aren't any creatures of the deep that will harm a the merfolke are the protectors of all living things of the sea. However, small merbabies and even toddlers seem to be enthralled with the bubbles that the whales spout for them...just to hear them giggle. This can be one of the happiest sights to behold until one of the little ones gets a tad to close and gets trapped in one of the bubbles and bounces toward the surface. The whales start to sing a song to the mother what has occurred and as fast as she can swim...she is after her little one before he breaks the surface. The whales swim behind her, ready to give her a boost should the bubble actually break the surface. This isn't the first time that little Chaz has been caught inside a bubble. If you look closely at his mother's fin then you can see a tiny piece bitten off. That day she was able to burst the bubble and hold Chaz close in her arms but as she descended back into the water something tried to grab HER. You see...the only creature that would harm a mermaid would be one of the sky creatures.

Mother and Chaz are one of my smaller ooaks. (one of a kind sculpts) They sit right at 4 inches. The base is one of my shell base designs with natural shells collected on one of our beach walkabouts. (and a few colored ones from the local souvenir shop) They both have a strong wire armature underneath a fully sculpted clay body. They are both painted with acrylic and fine MICA powders. Their blue eyes are some of my new designs. I have discovered that it is so much easier to draw them on paper, use my water color pencils and then take a picture and load it into the computer. Mother's hair is soft lambs wool that has been braided. (you can gentle move it over to cover her ta-ta....if you wanted to) Chaz's hair is also lambs wool that was cut into small fibers and then attached. See his little pointy piece up front.....a sea horse must have licked him there when he was born. ^_^

All the shells are natural shells...the colored ones I bought at a souvenir shop. I just can't bring myself to paint them completely.

The fan shell that makes up her chair is one of the ones that we found on a beach walkabout. They are such delicate shells and I love when I find them whole. The sand on the base is my own mixture. (it makes great snow know...that funny COLD white stuff that some places get)

Thank you for stopping by the old Southern Ooaks tree and sea today. ^_^  I always look forward to your visit. Until next time.......................



  1. Brilliant - bravo!!!! Your blog is like a calm, peaceful oasis in the sea of internet brutality!!! Love you!

  2. You sure know how to weave a beautiful story. Mother and son are so precious, they look just wonderful together.

  3. Wonderful piece! Have you ever done a gnome piece? I think your style would be really neat on a gnome!