Friday, April 13, 2012

Captured Mermaid....WIP

It's Friday....Friday the 13th....Does that scare you? Not me.....I call it Friday the 3th, the lucky day!! Perhaps if I think of it that way then it really will be a lucky day. LOL

As I stated in my last post, it seems that my muse is focused on mermaids for some reason. I love mermaids so I don't mind that she wants me to keep designing them. I thought I would share some WIP photos with you today on my next mermaid.....the "Captured Mermaid".

I'm using another one of the bases that I designed some time back. I found this cute little brandy sniffer at an estate sale several years ago and guess my muse decided it was time to use it.
It's filled with some of my sand base material (German glass, school glue and white paint...there..I gave you my secret sand potion...but...shhhhhh...don't tell anyone) Permanently attached are some of our treasures found on one of our beach walkabouts...some coral, fan shells and two tiny shells from the souvenir shop.
Ohhhh...I so wish that I could resculpt myself like I do my ooaks.  A tuck here...a nip nips...chunks there...I would have to take out chunks...ROFL!!!  I'm hoping, if my muse doesn't change her mind, that this little mermaid will be peeking out the top of the glass.
I'm very happy with how her eyes turned out. Isn't she a cutie pie? I think I still have some tweeks to do with this but I'm liking her whimsical style.

Thank YOU for stopping by...I love my friends coming to visit. Have an awesome weekend and keep an eye out for all the inspiration that is shared with us each day!! Until next time............


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