Monday, April 9, 2012

It's a MONDAY!!

Life here lately has been one heck of a roller coaster ride....I must say. Not that I'm complaining because along the way there have been some doors opened that I have gladly stepped through. One of which is my new weekend job. Cleaning condos at the about being in my element!! I bet you thought I was talking about being at the beach....didn't you? Go ahead and admit did...HAHA!! I actually meant the cleaning part believe it or not. I LOVE to clean...and to clean and get PAID for it.....well...that makes it even much better. My little sidekick went with me this Saturday and WOW...he was a huge help. I told him when he helps me that he will get paid too. He liked that idea....liked that idea very much. One of his jobs was to sweep up the sand on the balconies (into the dust pan...not off the balcony...hehe). He even moved any furniture to sweep up under it and put it back in place. Tell me I'm not raising this Southern boy right!!! There was such a great breeze blowing that I let him keep the doors open while he was outside working (didn't tell him...but it was a way to keep my ear out too...I mean...he is a boy...and we all know boys do tend to get a bit curious) All of a sudden he started yelling and I do mean YELLING "Pirates....Pirates, Mom....I see a pirate ship". I ran outside and sure enough....right there.....outside....was an honest to goodness pirate ship. I kid you not. Here...see for yourself.
Awesome...ri iight?? I had no idea that we even had pirate ships sailing the ocean blue here. This 65 ft beauty is called the American Star and it host.......yes...say it....Pirate adventures!!  I want to check into it for the Chazman as they let the kiddos dress up in pirate outfits....learn some pirate lingo (Argg..true pirate lingo maties..not the salty sailor talk..LOL) have a battle and hunt for lost treasure. You will never guess where you ask permission to step aboard is....are you's called Skull Harbor. Kid you not and just to think that if I wasn't cleaning...we would never have discovered this awesome way to have a new adventure.

Not only am I getting to work on the weekends this summer but I'm working in a place that gives me so much inspiration for my art. Taking a break and getting to stare out the windows at the ocean, the people, the pirate ships..hehe and the seagulls. So much that just let's my imagination soar. I LOVE IT!! 

The weekend was a great one but now it's it's time to put some of my inspiration to work and get busy sculpting. Hope YOU have an awesome day and thank you for stopping by to visit matie!!!!!

Until next time.........Hugs,


  1. Totally awesome!! That's something Bella would really enjoy as well! If we ever get to Florida to visit Alex, I'm going to see if we can come & visit you too! Big hugs and I'm so glad you hear you so HAPPY!!!!

  2. OMGOSH...that would be awesome if ya'll could come and visit. Yes yes..we will have to take the pirate adventure. The Bella and the Chazman would love it. Of course I think the big kiddos would too..hehe!! Is Alex stationed in Pensacola? That is only about 40 minutes from us. Ohh I'm excited!!!!

    I am happy....thank you. It's been hard here lately but I have discovered that I have some AWESOME friends. YOU being one of them. HUGS!!