Friday, April 20, 2012

Still no batteries

Today is Friday...Woo Hoo!!! Don't we all just love our Fridays? I know we do because it means the time to relax is almost here. Yeah....ri iight....relax...HA!!! Friday means it's almost time to get busy and have some FUN and ADVENTURES. It also means that I will be able to buy some camera batteries tonight. I feel so lost without my little camera. My muse has been jumping up and down (well ok..I'm not sure she really has been but I can just imagine that she has) because we haven't been able to show you any WIP photos on our newest design. Hopefully, tomorrow I can show you some photos. Mother and child are turning out...well...adorable, if I must say so myself. Which right now I have to say so myself because YOU can't see them. ^_^

The hubbikins is taking the Chazman and me out to eat tonight. It's been F O R E V E R since we have been able to do that so I am excited. He said last night that he is thinking about Longhorn Steak House. Owww, I love steak and I think they have a special right now with steak and crab stuffed mushrooms. Nom Nom Nom!!
I think that I am going to convenience him that we need to go there. How you ask? Well....this is a family blog so perhaps I should just let you ponder over that one..hehe!!

Tomorrow is going to be a treasure hunting adventure in the morning. Yes mams and's yard sale day. I have been working both Saturday and Sundays the last few weeks with my new job but I have this one off. Plus with some other life "not so fun adventures" that have been happening, we haven't been in several months so I'm hoping to find some new treasures to work into my art designs. Not just my sculpts either. I'm getting back into making my cloth characters and my gypsy/mermaid/bohemian jewelry. Keep those fingers crossed that treasures be a plentiful!!  Tomorrow night we are headed to the ball field. The Hank Aaron Baseball field to be exact over in Mobile. The Chazman (I AM SO FREAKIN PROUD OF HIM) was awarded the "HOMERUN" in the accelerated reading program at school. Each student had goals to meet for the prizes.

First Base: A free ticket to the game
Second Base: One amusement wristband 
Third Base: BayBears Commemorative Baseball
Homerun: Free hot dog, Pepsi and to take part in the parade around the actual bases

He is sooo excited and so are we. Love baseball....and the peanuts and the fun you have in between some of the innings. He won the home run prize last year too and we had a blast so we know we will this year too.

Sunday is a work day for me and I think my crew (HEY...I have a cool) is going with me. If the units aren't to messy and we get finished with them early enough then we are going to head to the beach for the afternoon. I think it's going to be a great weekend. Ow ow owwwww, maybe the ocean will throw us a few trinkets while we are there. Ohhh, it's going to be a GRAND weekend for reals!!!!

Until next time.............Hugs,

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  1. Wow - it sounds busy and very fun! Enjoy, enjoy! (I hope you got your steak! ) xox