Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making your own gift box!!

I know that there are several of us that like to make our gifts to give to our family and friends at Christmas time. (or for any of the special holiday traditions that are observed this time of year) I know that I do. For those items that are not very pieces.....small photo frames and small figures, why not make your own gift box. Scrap papers work great.....perhaps you have a special printed paper you have been wanting to use. Scrap fabric can be used to cover your box once made to make a gift all by itself. I mean what gal couldn't use a special made box to place some of her earrings or rings in? Or perhaps a cute Li'l pin cushion box with sewing supplies inside. There are so many ways to use a BOX!!!

Now that I have talked about making a gift box...let me show you how. It can be made to any size that you want. All you have to keep in mind is that you need to start out with a square shape. Now..go look through all those beautiful scrap papers you have, grab a pair of scissors and a pen and let's get started:
Supplies Needed:
Paper (scraps or perhaps a pretty print one)

Take your square and pull one corner up into the other so that you have made a triangle. Gently crease fold.
Now open it up and turn it facing you where it looks like a diamond (or a kite...that's what the Chazman thought it looked like) Fold the bottom corner up to the top one, like you did for the first fold and then gently crease it.
This is how it should look so far. Got it? Good...let's move on. ^_^
Take a corner and fold it up to the center and then gently crease. Do this to each remaining corner.
Now take a corner and fold it up to the top cease across from it. Do this to each remaining corner. Isn't it fun folding paper? 
Up to this point, this is what your paper should look like. A quilt pattern. Now take a corner and fold it up to the closest fold. Do the remaining corners the same way and remember to gently crease your folds.
Hold your paper up so it looks like a diamond. Do you see the four little blocks that make a square in the center? Good...that is the size your box is going to be and the guide to making your cuts. If you look closely you can see where I made my marks to cut.
 You want to cut up the sides to the square in the center...remember don't cut past the corners of your square. Do this on the opposite side as well. Just the two sides across from each other. Do not cut the other two opposite sides...ppplease!!
This is what you should have....oh yes...turn the paper around so that the arrow is pointing to you. That was another observation made by the Chazman..such an observant if we can just work on his selective male hearing....LOL!!!
Now take the paper and fold it up to the square box in the middle. Then take the next fold and fold it over the top of the first fold. The tiny fold at the point will be inside the bottom of your box.
This is what it should look like at this point.
Take the pieces sticking out and fold them to the inside of the square. This is how it should look. Do the opposite side the same way. Then take the short sides and fold them over to the center the same way.
This is what it should look like after the first short side is folded in. made a box..
         well the top of one and I'm so soo proud of you.                                                                                  
The folds will hold themselves in but if you want you can take your pin and turn the box on it's side and crease the folds a bit more.
To make the bottom of your box you follow the same steps with this one exception. You need to make it a bit smaller than the top so they will fit together. Take your square and fold one corner into the opposite but instead of meeting them corner to corner you will need to pull it back a few centimeters, then crease fold.
Now take and cut off the overlaying sides of the triangle and follow the steps you did to make the top of your box.
Here is your box...all completely put together.
(Purple and Blue papers.. Reminds me it's getting close to Mardi Gras time)

Now you can embellish your new little box however you want to. I hope this tutorial was simple and easy to follow. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away. ^_^

Remember in the beginning, I told you that you could use scrap paper for your box because it could be covered in scrap fabric. Well, here is one of my little boxes covered in fabric.
Keep in mind if you do plan on covering yours in fabric to take into consideration that the bottom will have to be a bit smaller than you would normally make it so that it will open and close easily with the extra bulk of the fabric.

Making a box can be used not only for this time of year but for Valentines, Easter, Halloween or just for a special birthday. Now....go make a box....and have FUN!!! I would love to see what you make...if you decide to do one.

Until next time.....HUGS, Regi


  1. Excellent tutorial, Regina! I will be featuring at some point on my blog with a link back naturally!

  2. Amazing.... It seemed so effortless, yet the outcome is really appealing.. thanks for sharing....

  3. Totally awesome!!! And I'm loving the new bloggy look too! You are just FULL of seasonal joy, lol!

  4. Well, look at that, you clever thing, you make it look so easy. Great tutorial, thank you, you wonderful woman.