Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WIP on two of my Santa series

Well...I did it AGAIN. Let yet another week pass me on by. I'm getting really bad at that or should I say good at that. ^_^  Up til now I have joked and played around about it but I must admit and I have to add that I HATE to admit that I am having some health issues. Yes yes yes...it's old age ones but I really am not ready for them to be creeping up on me and knocking me down. I will keep on fighting back but perhaps just a tad bit slower than normal. So I hope that YOU are a patient friend because I do so love you coming to sit with me under the old Southern Ooaks tree.

I am working on two Santa pieces. I know I don't normally do that...for FEAR that I will get them confused and not all the pieces will go to the right one...but I need to get them done. I have SEVERAL that I need to get finished so I will be working on two at a time for at least the next few weeks. Wish my feeble mind luck..ppplease!!

I have posted about the Santa and the Polar Bear piece in the past but I'm not using this Santa now. I needed to make a gift and I borrowed...well....I actually can't say that I borrowed it because he has gone to live somewhere else which means I can't put him back, ri iight?  So this little guy is gone but he did make the recipient quite happy. I turned him into one of my little spool sitters holding a bear. I still had not gotten any new batteries for my camera so no photos...sorry :(

Here's the new little Santa that will be riding on the Polar Bear...the one in front. The bigger Santa in the back is going to be sitting in a vintage metal sleigh. They look so funny at this stage. Wire bodies wrapped in florist tape. I think I have a mummy fetish...hehe!!

OMGOSH...I do have a mummy fetish...just look at these guys!! I like wrapping my armatures with yarn...gives them added strength. The Li'l Santa is going to be wearing mittens since he is riding a Polar Bear so I didn't make clay hands for him. I will sew and felt his gloved hands. I'll make his boots out of felt and I'm thinking of lining the gloves and boots with fur. Remember...polar bears live where it's really COLD!!

Big Santa will have hands....look up....yes those..right there!! I have them detailed already but forgot to take a photo (imagine that) so you will have to wait until the next post to see them. Hopefully, it won't be next Tuesday before I post again. (which by the way is the Chazman's 10th birthday..that I will remember)

So that's what I'm up to at the moment. It's slow going but I am soo NOT going to complain. At least I can still work with my left hand and get things done. Just not at the "NINJA" pace I'm use to but it's all GOOOD!!!

Until next time............Hugs,


  1. All of your Santa's are adorable Regina. I loved the Polar Bear Santa-perfect and the new ones will be just as cute. It is so nice of you to show others step by step instruction on how you create these darlings. Take it easy, work slowly and you will finish all of them. When camera is fixed, please show pictures.

  2. It's so much fun to watch how you work in stages. I can't wait to see the polar bear Santa done.
    I'm a big FAN!!!!