Friday, September 28, 2012

Santa on a Schtick...hehe

I'm working on a new ooaks in my Santa series and this one is called "Santa on a Schtick"..hehe   Noooo, I won't really call him that. Although, it is a Santa on a stick....a candlestick!! I just couldn't resist the temptation to say it like I see...I'm a huge Jeff Dunham fan and I love his character, Jose Jalapeno.
You know...Jose....Jose Jalapeno....on a schtick!! OK OK I will stop now.

For the base of this piece I painted a wooden candlestick with acrylic paints. I used colors that are in the fabric I'm going to use to make his cape hood. I love these festive. Don't you think?  I am sculpting Santa's head and thought I would take a WIP photo to show you. He is looking rather JOLLY, if I must say so myself.

He's looking at you!!

Hopefully, I will get him finished and baked tonight so that I can detail his face with paints, get his beard on and make his hood. Right now...I have to walk to the school and get my Chazman and wouldn't ya know, it's pouring down rain. Guess we will "DANCE" in the rain on the way home. ^_^

Until next time.........Hugs,


  1. Had to laugh when I read your post--we're big Dunham fans here, too! We saw his show last year when he came to our daughter's college. Do you know he has a new comedy central special on Oct. 7? Santa is cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. What a stunning start! Hope the baking goes well as i would love to see him painted and finished!