Saturday, February 23, 2013

Got the rainy day blues!!!

OK....I don't really have the rainy day blues because with the rain means we stay at home (of course even if it wasn't raining today we would be at home because of the Chazman...he is feeling better but not enough to want to get out of bed.) BUT since I am at home I am twisting the time away.

My mermaid muse decided to come out and play. Mermaids love shiny baubles and this bracelet has some shiny baubles...hehe

It's hard to get a really good photo with a rainy day but I think you can see the mermaid inspiration in it still. I used some of my sea green yarn as the middle cording and some of my dark green hemp to do the twisting with. I added some glass beads in different hues of green around the of my silver Koi fish charms and on the side dangles more glass beads in hues of green along with some of my sterling silver starfish beads and one of my rainbow crystals with faux diamond spacers. "Shiny baubles...everywhere....shiny baubles take me to the mermaid's liar." (ok I know that was bad but I just couldn't resist...hehe)

I'm working on some more bracelets....some more double stranded with beads sewed in with some of my vintage military buttons and one with pretty faux diamonds and pearls. OH YES....I am enjoying staying home.

Until next time.............Hugs,

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  1. Since I am an owner of one of Regi's wonderful bracelets I can tell you how beautifully constructed and designed they truly are.