Friday, February 8, 2013

Teacher's got a different bag ^_^

Good Morning!!! It seems that our walks to school in the mornings are "OUR" time to talk about things and our time sitting at the table in the afternoons playing Farkle. (yes yes we are hooked BIG TIME)  Chaz said he was really liking the goodie bags but really didn't think Mr. H (his teacher) and Mr. S (student teacher) would like the friendship bracelets. He was so cute once it came out of his mouth because he looked at me with the strangest look and started back peddling really fast. "Ohh no momma...they WOULD like them but I don't think they would wear them." He was so afraid he had hurt my feelings. Such a sweetheart...I'm telling you and any girlfriend in the future had better thank me for doing such a good job raising this southern gentlemen..hehe!!  Although, hmmmm...he has made a point and given me something to ponder on.

I thought about making them a bracelet out of twine or hemp but then thought that perhaps they might not be that kinda guy. NOT saying that in a negative way at all.....I dig seeing a man wearing a hemp bracelet but the look isn't for everyone. Now what can a man use everyday that I could make and still make it using my twine? AHHH HAAAA....a keychain!!

Another simple but AWESOME project. (if I must say so myself..hehe) Using the same macrame twisted square knot I tied making the friendship bracelets...I made these key chains.  I didn't want to put glass beads on these so I used one of my sterling silver starfish charms and one of our natural shells found on one of our beach walks. I do believe they will be surprised when they open up their monster bags. Of course, the heart POP ring and sweet tart hearts could surprise them too but then again....even us adults like candy!!!

Until next time............Hugs,

I had an Ahhh Haaa moment a little while ago and realized that Chaz is changing classrooms and has another teacher he needs to remember plus his sweet speech teacher. So here's what will be in their Valentine's goodie bags.

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  1. Chaz sounds like a real sweetheart. Good job mama! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your gang. I hope you get spoiled rotten. :) xox