Monday, February 4, 2013

Who loves paper bags? WE DO WE DO!!!

Thank goodness the Chazman headed off to school this morning. OK OK that's not entirely true....he drug his feet on our walk to school and said that he didn't want to go....wanted to stay home with me...not leave me all alone. almost worked too but I know that after missing a week with that gnarly, nasty flu bug that he didn't need to miss anymore. The thought was ohhhh so sweet though...ya gotta admit!!!

Sorry I didn't post any this weekend. Hope YOU  had a good one!! We were trying to rest and recoup so we could be ready for this week.  The Chazman and I played several games of Farkle (with real dice and everything..hehe) and UNO. He and I love to play games even if he does seem to always beat me. I do mean always too!! While we were playing he asked if I would make something special for his classmates for Valentine's. Of course, he knew I would....all....twenty-five.....of....them!! HAHA   Our budget is a bit tiny this month so I started looking in our stash to see just what I had available. Here's my list of items I found to make some really awesome (Chazman's word) goodie bags.  PAPER BAGS, GOOGLIE EYES, CRAYONS, GEL PENS, WATERCOLOR PENCILS, YARN and TAGS and oh yeah....glittery hearts.  I drew some monsters on a piece of paper (that's what Chaz wanted) then after his approval I started putting them together. What fun!! He sat and played with his science kit goo and created (a BIG MESS) while I worked. I drew on all the bags first. took awhile too. Then I took one (of many) and started decorating it. Here's three of them. takes time to do these peoples and I'm just hoping I can get them all finished by the 14th. *GULP*

I'm going to punch a small hole on the top left side of the bag and tie a tag with multicolored yarn to it. I have some cute sayings picked out that are of course Chazman approved. ^_^

Have a Wild Valentine's!!
I'm CRAZY about you!!
You're so COOL it's scary!!
I only have EYES for you!!
Hope it's a MONSTER of a Valentine's Day!!

I have been buying candy for over a month to use for Valentines and I'm so happy that Chaz wanted these paper MONSTER bags. (kiddos will love these much better than candy in a baggie..I hope)  I'm thinking of making some of my small paper boxes and putting some of the candy hearts with sayings on them inside them. Perhaps a trip to the Dollar Tree and buy some pencils to go inside too. I love making the Chazman happy and he loves making his classmates happy. It's going to be a HAPPY Valentine's for sure!!

Until next time............Hugs,
Regi, Chazman and the lil monsters!!!


  1. Regi the paper bag puppets are so cute! love,Sheri

  2. These are SOOOOO cute, oh yes, they are going to love these!!


  3. You always do just cool things for the holidays.

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