Friday, February 15, 2013

Bohemian soul has taken over!!

Good Morning!! I hope that everyone has had a great morning so far. Our weather is a bit breezy for this time of year (45) but no complaining because the sun is out...the birds are singing...the squirrels are a chattering and Gabie and Pumpkin are doing their best to see it all...hehe

Now that I'm not working on little monsters my Bohemian soul has decided that she wants to come out and play. I'm so happy that she did!! I have been working on some of my macrame designed jewelry and am so loving the creative juices flowing through me. It's perfect therapy for me right now and I'm blessed and thankful that I have a muse that guides me...especially when I need her the most. Now...what were we talkin about? Ohhh yes (hehe) jewelry. I found one of my MANY unpacked boxes and when I opened it LOW AND BEHOLD there was some of my macrame cording and hemp. I was actually looking for something else but I feel that I was lead to this particular box so I took advantage of it. Which means I stopped looking for the original box and brought this one inside instead. I have always liked making the twisted square knot. It's a simple knot but one that can be made to look manly or very feminine. My first bracelet took to the very feminine side.

I used some of the deep red cording that has a small bit of deep purple running through it. Did the twisted square knot of course. I had these pretty charms just sitting and waiting for the right piece and this piece was it. A pretty bronze rose is the center piece with tiny bronze beads on both sides of a tiny glass faucet bead. On the left I hung a small dangle of two bronze beads on the sides of a glass black bead and to the right I did a dangle of bronze beads with the glass black beads and a very pretty glass flower bead with the deep red . I made a twisted knot closure so that all you have to do is slip it over your hand and then pull the knotted ends. I covered the closure with some of my ribbon trends....pretty butterfly!!

This piece was calling for a bit smaller feminine touch.  I used some of the light yellow (almost looks beige) roping for the center cord and some of my small hemp rope for the twisted square knots. They always twist so pretty when the center cording is thicker. Don't ya think so too? ^_^   I put the dangles on the side of this piece...some bronze glass beads along with some very pretty hues of green glass beads. Simple yet pretty!!

Today I'm working on making some of my turtle charms that I'm going to need to make a few bracelets with. I love our sea turtles here and love using them with my pieces.

So what are YOU working on? I love to read my comments about what's going on in your art work, so please take a moment and let us know. You might end up being someone's muse and give them some inspiration. I know I sure hope that I am doing that!!

Until next time.............Hugs,

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