Saturday, February 16, 2013

I'm so twisted...hehe

Hope everyone is having an AWESOME Saturday. I am so hooked on macraming at the moment that I literally feel TWISTED!!! That's a good thing though...I so need something to keep me distracted and this is doing it.

I made another feminine Bohemian macrame bracelet yesterday and did some bead work on it as well. I used some of my white cording and some pretty green yarn with flecks of green and blue in it to do the twisted square knot with.  Now most would not think of using yarn in macrame but I have been doing it for years. I think it adds to the pieces it is used in...what do you think?

You can wear this with the heart facing the top of your hand or you can wear it in the other direction. Either way looks quite lovely. There are two Swarovski crystals on the sides of the heart. They look so pretty when the light hits them. I strung clear glass beads to wrap along the twist of the bracelet.

I told ya'll in yesterday's post that I was going to make some of my turtle charms. I used one for a simple necklace which I added a piece of polished sea glass as well. It's on a bronze 18 inch chain with a lobster clasp. I also added 4 additional inches so that you can make it longer if you wish. A tiny bronze shell is attached to the attachment chain. (hehe....don't know why but that just sounds funny to much caffeine perhaps?)

I'm going to be working on some more twisting this weekend....I just can't get enough!! I'm also going to work on some molds so that I can make more unique clay charms. I have my mermaid soul flowing pass and she is wanting to play too. The more the merrier I always say.

Until next time..........Hugs,

Ohhhh do you remember the post where I offered a friendship bracelet to the 5th comment? Well...I didn't get 5 commenting so I chose the first person (which I will always do during the year when I offer these gifts and don't get the required number of post) The winner was Nicole and she had 3 options to choose three latest macrame bracelets. She chose the "Mother Earth" bracelet and I will be mailing it out to her on Monday. Thank you Nicole for always showing the love!!!!

Mother Earth


  1. I am so blessed to be receiving one of your beautiful friendship bracelets. I will wear it always. I just love the macramé. Can't wait to show it off.

  2. Hello Regi! Wow, your jewelry is amazing! I absolutely LOVE these! Sorry I missed the announcement of your new endeavor :) I'm so glad to see you doing some new pretties! LOVE!


  3. Oh I almost forgot! Congrats to you Nichole! Lucky duckie!!