Monday, February 25, 2013

Busy busy lil bee...that's ME!!!

Happy Monday to all!!! We are experiencing dark skies and rainy weather here today. I have to say thank you to Mother Nature though as she stopped long enough this morning for the Chazman and I to walk to school. She must have needed a laugh because she let me get all the way to my back gate and then dropped a bucket of rain on me head...hehe!!! At least she kept my lil man dry. He still is not feeling great but went to school...fingers crossed that he last all day. (the nurse has called once already but said to let him stay until at least 11:30 so the absence wouldn't be counted against him....double fingers crossed)

Yesterday he wanted to get out in the sunshine (yes..there was real sunshine yesterday...just not today) so we took a short beach walk. It was around noon so I really didn't think we would find many shells. BOY..was I wrong. We found some great shells. Inspiration was flying everywhere....for reals!!! We were greeted by one of the locals, Hank. He flew ahead of us to lead the way. Oh yeah..for those that don't know...Hank is one of the local Herons that LOVES to have his photo taken.

We of course followed him...I mean it would be rather rude if we hadn't. I sure am glad we did because he lead us to the shell honey pot.

Just look at all those shells. Hank was doing the "Happy Joy Joy" dance for us...hehe!! We thanked him and off he flew to go and lead others to the oceans treasures washed ashore.........that or he flew over to the ones fishing not to far down....hoping he could grab a snack. ^_^

Purty...aren't they? I just adore shells...really I do!! I even love the broken ones. There was quiet the assortment yesterday to be picked up. Twisted ones, fan shaped, spirals and even some mermaid scales.
I already see some sea dragons coming out of the spiral ones and some mermaids laying on the fan ones. I so LOVE our Salty Life!!

After the beach we headed back home and I started twisting again. Is there a macrame annoynomas? I might need to find a local support group. It's addicting....very addicting. Here's the latest Bohemian bracelet...I'm calling it "Pansy and Pearls". Why you ask? Ohh go on and ask!!'s because it has a metal pansy and vintage pearls on it. HAHA

I'm making all my bracelets to fit a small wrist up to a larger wrist. If you have the smaller wrist then you can cut the end knots and retie them. I have a larger wrist and so hate when I can't find a bracelet to fit so that's why I'm trying to make these for just about everyone's wrist size. Hey...I LUV ya all....really I do!!!

After finishing up the bracelet, I decided to make some of my mermaid head clay beads...which was a good thing because I had not baked the four little turtle charms from the other day. I still have to add the embellishments to these but here's a WIP photo.

Now...while those were baking I started on a new twisted square knot bracelet. I used white cording as the middle piece and white hemp rope as the tie pieces. It's going to have a dragon charm on it with a dangle of pearls and a dragon egg bead. (dragon egg beads are made from quartz)

I'm going to get this finished up today (in between doing laundry) and then start on a mermaid inspired bracelet. Like I said....I might need a MA (macrame annoynomas) support group!!  ^_^

Until next time............Hugs,