Friday, February 22, 2013

Some one catch Father time...ppplease ^_^

Father Time is suppose to be an old guy....ri iiight?? I think someone forgot to tell him that, seriously!! Someone really needs to catch him and nail his robe down for awhile. ^_^  Pppplease!!!

I need to ask for your forgiveness AGAIN for not having posted all week. The Chazman is sick yet again. This kiddo is normally healthy as a horse but this school year has just really taken a toll on him. He was home Monday with what we thought was just his sinus issues (which can be bad, I know) and a small fever. He went to school Tuesday and Wednesday. Got up yesterday feeling horrible and couldn't swallow so to the doctor we went and he has strep. Feeling a bit of a sore throat myself today BUT I am woman..hear... me ummmm....meoww.....hehe.

Since I have been sitting with the Chazman most of the week (yes..he wanted his mommie close by...all the time) I have been twisting some rope. I twisted four bracelets that I also needed to complete by adding other embellishments to them. I  have finished  with two of them and here they are:

The first one I call "The Black Rose" (hmmmm...wonder how I came up with that name...hehe) I twisted two separate twisted square knot bracelets and then sewed the wooden beads between them. I used my twisted square knot closure on the back so that it can be adjusted to fit a small wrist or a larger wrist. I want to make sure that just about anyone can wear and enjoy my jewelry pieces.

The second one is one of my unisex Bohemian bracelets. This would look great on male or female. I used a washer as the center focus piece and then did the twisted square knot in a few variations. The closure on this one goes in the front. This bracelet wraps around your wrist with the Celtic cross hanging in the front. It really looks great on. Again, it is adjustable to a small or larger wrist.

Both are listed in my Etsy shop and I even have FREE shipping for the 48 states. If you live else where I will gladly ship to you...just convo me before you purchase so that I can get the best and least expensive shipping cost for you. finish the other two bracelets so that I can twist somemore. It's going to be a weekend at home since the Chazman isn't well so hopefully I can get a few more made.

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. Strep? NOOOO! I hope you're both feeling better now. Blogger is misbehaving and publishing half messages, so I will get off and try again another time. Maybe he should go hang out with Father Time - haha. Feel better!

  2. I hope he feels better soon!I love the bracelets!!!!The black rose is stunning!