Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let's do the TWIST!!!

HALLELUJAH.....the sun is a shining this morning!! It's actually a perfect morning....the sun is shining...there is a light breeze blowing...the birds are singing and there's a squirrel peeking in my window. WHAT??? Oh yes there is....staring right at the kitties fast asleep in my laundry basket.  Oops...there it goes.....I moved. I wanted to get a photo but apparently it must have been a very shy squirrel.

I finished the dragon bracelet yesterday. I think it turned out rather AWESOME if I must say so myself. Hopefully though, you will think so too so I won't be the only one that thinks so. HAHA!! I think the dangle from her mouth with the dragon egg bead really adds to this piece.

I also embellished the mermaid head clay charms too. I'm currently working on a bracelet to use one of them with. I used dyed mohair yarn to make their hair. One I added a rainbow crystal, tiny dyed pearls and a tiny piece of sea glass. On the other I used a polished river stone and some dyed pearls. This is the one that will go on the first bracelet.

I'm also going to use some natural shells on these bracelets along with some other trinkets. Remember, mermaids love baubles AND trinkets. ^_^

I'm really enjoying my "twisting" therapy. I really don't think anything else in the world relaxes me or let's me escape for awhile more than my art. How about YOU? What therapy session are you doing at the moment? I love to read my comments that you leave about what you are up to.

Until next time..........Hugs,

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  1. Love your dragon- the eyes was a wonderful finishing touch! We're enjoying some sunshine today too- I LOVE days like this!