Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Any one for a cup of tea?

I love teatime and tea sets and tea cups with saucers. Oh heck fire...I love teacups without saucers too. The best teacups though are the ones that the tiny little Southern ooaks faeries make their resting places in.  I'm so fortunate that these wee little characters find their way into my studio after they finish tending to the spring gardens.

Buttercup is one of those wee ones that discovered a tiny teacup and saucer that she has laid claim too. I don't mind at all and find it an honor that she wants to live inside a teacup here in my home. She won't be living in the teacup by herself for very long though it seems as she looks as though she might have swallowed a fall pumpkin..hehe!! Yes....a tiny lil fae baby will soon be born.

WIP photo of Buttercup

Buttercups wings and teacup

Now...I must get back to tending to Buttercup. She really is doing some fussing at me since I let you see her NEKKID!!! 

Until next time............Hugs,


  1. You are so funny. LOL NOPE I am a coffee girl all the way. Never could get into tea, hot or cold. I do have my grandmother's old tea cups and her tea set from when she was little. She passed at 104 years old so I will say this set is probably 100 years or older. How fun is that?

  2. Naughty!!! A nekkid fairy, indeed! LOL! I just love your work and think you're one of the most talented artists EVER!!!! Rock on, girlfriend!