Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Tuesday!! pssst..it is Tuesday, ri iight??

Happy Tuesday...the sun is shining...no wait...it's behind a cloud...ooohhhh there it is...it's shining. Nope...it's gone again..hehe  Seems Mother Nature can not make up her mind today. One of our "AWESOME" local photographers, Steve Jones, caught Mother Nature having one of her "I just can't decide" moments on his daily beach walk this morning. Steve has captured some amazing photos of our beautiful area and I think you would love to take a peek at them. Just visit HERE to see more of his work.

So you can see I'm not just making up this peek a boo game with the sun at the moment. Would I kid ya about something like that? Oh nooooo...not muah!!! Stop pointing that finger at me...ya know I wouldn't...well...not often anyways. HA!! Thank goodness the sun shone brightly this weekend for us but I have to admit it was a bit chilly. We didn't let that stop us from going on a beach walk though. HEY...that's what hoodies are made for and sweatpants and thermals and thick socks. Yes, yes..I told ya it was chilly!!! Our beach has been undergoing a sand restoration and if you take the time to sift through the sand they blew up on the shore then you can find some wonderful treasures the ocean gave up. The Chazman and I definitely took the time to sift through and here's some of the beautiful shells we found.

These are called Olives and I bet ya can guess why..hehe!! Do you see the sewing pin? I put that there in some of the photos to give you something to judge the size of some of the shells. Tiny little shell there and just think that most folks just walk over them or on them. It's the perfect little size to put inside one of my glass vials, don't ya think?

 These are called Whelks. You don't find the big ones complete very often but even the broken ones are so pretty and can be used to add to your beach decor. There's another tiny one!!!

These little beauties are in the Nautilus family. I would so love to find a BIG one of these. Wouldn't have to be as big as the one Dr Doolittle rode in (although that would be AWESOME) but a nice size one would be great.

This is a Canarium shell and probably the biggest one we found (The Chazman found this one while digging a hole in the sand..hehe) It's three inches long and the photo does not do the colors running through it any justice.

These are Moon shells and I love these. I see dragon snails coming out. How about you? We found one that was perfectly flat...you could see the spiral on top but I think that it just couldn't form itself into a shell. My camera wouldn't pick it up but it is a pretty little thing.

These are Auger shells and I have no clue as to why the photo came out a bit fuzzy. I know that my faerie muse said that these were not shells at all but (looking around) unicorn horns. Perhaps she was trying to keep anyone from seeing them. ^_^  She has given me some inspiration though...hmmmmm!!

These are wing oyster shells. I have been collecting these for a good while now. These in the photo we found this weekend though. Of course since my faerie muse jumped in about the auger shells my mermaid muse had to put her inspiration on these. They are really mermaid scales!! See where this might lead?

Of course no beach walk would be complete without finding some of these scalloped lovelies. Yes..these are called scallop shells or as the Chazman calls them 'FAN" shells.

Now all of the above are just a few of the shells we found. We love to find the broken ones that show all the beautiful twist and curves that are inside some. I found this one right when we were leaving and I'm so happy that I looked down.

Isn't this beautiful?  The twist inside....the perfect spots on the outside. I see a mermaid tail curled up and I'm hoping what I have envisioned....I can sculpt.

WOW....I'm writing a novel today aren't I and I'm not finished just yet either..hehe!!  I promised to show some photos of this month's Holiday tree. If you haven't been following me long, let me explain, in short version. The Chazman and I wanted to keep our Christmas tree up and decorate it for each Holiday during the year. Was that short enough? HAHA  Here's this month's....St Patrick's and Easter!!

Simple but pretty I think and the Chazman loves it. That's really what counts...making my little man happy. How do you like the Mardi Gras beads we twisted and used. Purple, blue and pink for Easter and green and gold for St Patrick's. Each year we will add more to our monthly trees but for now we will enjoy what we have.

I also worked on some cute clay charms to put on some hair twist for little girls. I have them sculpted out and am going to get them bakes and painted today. Wait....I think perhaps a little kittie got hold of the bear...his nose looks a little smushed. Ohh I need to resculpt him and hopefully, I will have them listed in my Etsy shop by tomorrow.

 I'm listing this cute little rabbit too. Come and shop...please and send friends...lots and lots of friends...hehe

Until next time..........Hugs,


  1. Love all the shells. Only you and Chaz would come up with keeping the tree up all year. You crack me up.

  2. So much goodness in ONE post!!! Love, love, love all the shells you found. I didn't see all those kinds when I visited Alex, and now I'm jealous, lol!

    Fabby new creations and WIP!!! Keep 'em coming!

  3. Oh no! Did I hear SOMEONE say raaaaabit?!? Oh,here we go! LOL I just read up on your blog, and of course I had to stop here and leave my two cents worth, LOL! How cute!! Still have yet to find the perfect bead pallets to finish our bunny necklace,,,, SOON!