Friday, March 1, 2013

In like a lion..out like a lamb...Happy MARCH!!

Can ya believe that March is already here? I have heard of time flying but this is CRAZY people..CRAZY!!!
The Chazman and I took all the February decorations off of the tree last night so that we can put up the St Patrick and Easter ones for this month. Of course ya know I will post photos as soon as we get it all done.

How do you like my updated page? I'm enjoying changing that each month too. I so adore "The Cutest Blog on the Block" many great backgrounds and extras. That's where I got the falling hearts last month and the falling Easter eggs for this month. AWESOMENESS...I know...I know!! Go on over and take a look around. I'm sure you will find something you like love!!

Yesterday my studio was filled with several of my muses. I LOVE my muses but they can really run me over if I'm not careful...hehe  They whisper....I listen...I design and yesterday....well....I kept designing. ^_^

Faerie inspired bronze 18 inch necklace with a 2 inch adapter. A Swarovski crystal hangs from the adapter. The medallion has faux diamonds (ya didn't think the faeries were going to give away their real diamonds did ya? hehe). Hanging from the medallion is an aged bronze ball charm with tiny bronze beads and more of the pretty Swarovski crystals.

Faerie inspired Dragon necklace. Silver dragon charm hanging on a black 24 inch hemp rope. I used a silver toggle clasp with this piece and added some of my twisted knot macrame to match the dragon egg. She is carrying's a she...she told me so ^_^ one of her dragon eggs. I love these beads...made from quartz and in the agate family. (Quartz is a wonderful healing stone if you need some extra "Balance" in your life.) On either side of the egg are glazed glass beads.

Mermaid inspired memory bracelet with green hued glass beads and one of my clay turtle charms and tiny glass vials filled with some of our beach sand and some tiny sea glass pieces. Sadly, we don't have sea glass here :( but a friend on the Pacific coast side sends me some from time to time. Oh wait..dang it...I should have told ya a mermaid brings it to me from her travels. Yeah, that's where I get it from. ^_^

My Bohemian muse decided to jump in too. (see...I told ya that my studio was filled with muses) Beautiful earrings for the beautiful YOU!! Bronze fish hook earrings with bronze safety back stoppers. Tiny bronze beads with Swarovski crystals with a focal bead of  burgundy and swirls of color.

I guess you could say that the Easter bunny hopped in for a moment or two as well to give me some inspiration. I fell in love with these acrylic beads. I don't normally like acrylic beads but these...well just kinda grabbed at me. They look like the hard coated Easter egg candy I use to get in my Easter basket. These are brown with golden highlights running through them. Add the foiled green brown glass beads and PRESTO, you have Chocolate and Mint earrings..hehe!! I used the bronze fish hook earrings with the bronze safety back stoppers and put tiny brown glass beads between the two main beads.

My little Faeries were the dominant ones in the studio (obvisiouly) and I'm very thankful for their inspiration and guidance. This lovelies are hung on sterling silver fish hook earrings with rubber safety back stoppers. Amber colored glass hearts twisted with silver wire give it that faerie appeal. Hanging from the heart is a tiny round amber bead twisted with silver wire and a small three strand of my vintage pearls.

All of these pieces can be found in my Etsy shop and remember I have FREE shipping. Yes...I said FREE!!

Until next time..........Hugs,


  1. My, my, my!!! You HAVE been busy! Such delightful jewelry, that I can't pick a favorite!!! Love it all!

  2. Busy busy little muses! :) I love the necklaces...well, actually I love all of it. And the falling Easter eggs had me hypnotized for just a minute. Happy almost Spring, oh Creative One! xo