Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Therapy time...for reals!!

OK I know that some are probably thinking "OMGOSH...I knew Regi was in therapy". HAHA...very funny too. If I really think about it I probably do need to be in therapy with a honest to goodness therapist BUT the fact art is my therapy!! It calms me, soothes me and even helps to take my mind off the things that life just wants to put in my way. Yeppers...that life getting in the way thing AGAIN!!

I love all of the different medians that seem to roll in and out when I need them the most and right now it's my macrame art that is keeping me from getting all twisted up inside. Who woulda thunk it? Twisting rope and twine can keep ya from feeling all twisted up inside....and WOW...does it ever!!  I just finished a really cute Bohemian inspired macrame bracelet that probably could easily jump over to my mermaid inspired work. I used a tree of life charm as the focal point on this one and wove some of my aquamarine pieces into the branches. Matter of fact, all of the beads on this piece are aquamarine with the exception of one. I love using this precious stone. Did you know that aquamarine is the birthstone for March? Now ya do!! The Bohemian inspiration is the tree of life along with what some believe wearing aquamarine can bring. It can bring a clear mind which aides in perception and the ability to make decisions with confidence. The mermaid side of this stone is like the endless wash of waves on the shore bringing to mind the sounds and smells of the sea. This always reminds us to stop and enjoy the beauty that is all around us.

The star bead in the middle is the only one that is not in the aquamarine family.  

I used my twisted knot closure on this piece. It holds strong from being worn and that's important to me. It can fit a small wrist up to a larger one. Know anyone that is having a birthday this month? Wouldn't they just love to receive a special one of a kind bracelet?

I'm working on a mermaid inspired one now. It will be done with black cording, pearls, charms, natural shells and one of my mermaid clay charms. I'm just so relaxed right now and loving what I'm doing today. How about YOU? What are you working on? I hope it's something that takes you away from the everyday and let's your imagination soar.

Until next time............Hugs,


  1. Creating art is so much better than a therapist (Lol, and cheaper, too). I love the Bohemian inspired bracelet. The colors are perfect for spring. ~Michelle

  2. Hey you that turned out so awesome. Love how you incorporated the beads.
    Have a great day