Thursday, March 21, 2013

My sculpting muse..she be a HOLLERING!!!!

Oops...did I do THAT...again? Oh yes I did...I let another week slip by without posting to all my wonderful friends that stop by to visit with me here under the old Southern Ooaks trees. I enjoy your visits so much so I had better get my hiney in gear and design some things so I can post...ri iight??

Spring is here....YEA!! Yeah yeah...I know I'm a day late but HEY...spring is here!! I love when all the flowers start blooming and things start to change to all the lovely hues of green. The butterflies and dragonflies start to come out of hiding and that gets me faerie muse to singing and quiet loverly too I might add. She has been whispering of some tea cup fearies, some garden faeries too and some more characters from my faerie race series. Do you remember Charme and Sabastin?

I'm going to do some of the smaller fae riding on some forest creatures that join in the race this year. I am still so proud of these two...being in Doll Collector Magazine (Feb/Mar 2011) They are at the Foley Performing Arts gallery just waiting to be adopted. I'm really thinking of bringing them home soon. I miss them!!! I would love for them to sell but then again..these were my first published pieces and I'm kinda attached to them.

Spring is a wonderful time to be living on the coast too. OH HECK FIRE...who am I's a great time anytime to live on the coast. At least here on the southern coast. ^_^   It seems my muse discovered a mermaid grotto that she wants to share with everyone so be ready for the mermaids to come a visiting here before to much longer. She also has been whispering about some hair accessories with the mermaid in mind.

Sculpting and designing won't be done as much right now. I'm really excited to be working this spring and summer. I know that some are either laughing right now or shaking their heads. Those that know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about condos and beach houses. I love to clean and getting to here the waves hit the shore and smell the salt air while I'm doing it just makes it that much better. Of course, I could do without the seagulls laughing at me....silly birds!! I will get back in my studio as my muses will NOT leave me alone for to long if I don't. Plus....this gal can't go without her "therapy" for to long either.

Until next time........Hugs,

Ooohh ooohhh OH....if any of my fellow artist friends know where we can get the wood base and glass domes to cover them for not a whole lot....hook this quirky chick up...would ya?  HUGS


  1. Hey you. Quit rubbing it in that you have spring. We are in wicked storms here. LOL
    You know how much I love your sculpts. Beautiful.

  2. Spring?? What's that??? It snowed a bit today!! Just spitting, not sticking....but still...SNOW! Ugh! I really don't care for the weather here. I miss my warm, balmy ITALY!!!!! Send some southern warmth over here, would ya???