Saturday, January 4, 2014

Beach does a body good!!!

Good afternoon!! I hope everyone has had an awesome weekend so far. I know that mine is going along quite nicely so far. We went on a small beach walk earlier today and it was soooo nice to recharge our batteries. hehe  I didn't find any big stashes of shells but did find a few small ones here and there. It was nice just feeling the sun on our faces and smelling the salt air.

I worked on the hermies and mermies this morning and I think they turned out fairly well. Let me know what ya think please.

The hermies will look so much better when I get them in their little habitats. I'm having to watch Boo and Callie really close because apparently they think they are real and keep trying to smack them with the paw and hissing at them. Silly cats!!!

I also worked on some jewelry pieces using some of my olive shells and one of my tiny Nautilus shells. I did my twisted square knot hemp rope ones and then attached the shells with pretty charms. I'm working on a necklace now that will have one of the bigger olives and a larger silver turtle charm.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you will come again and soon. Please leave a comment...I love my comments and I love answering them back. I have made some good friends since starting this blog and I'm hoping that I will make even more this year. I do want to ask you a favor though...please make sure you aren't posting as a noreply person. It's easy to tell if you are (it has something to do with blogger and google+) Just check and make sure you have your email address attached to your blogger or google profile. If ya don't know how to check then please visit Robin over at Fluster Buster...she has a really good post telling you just what to do. Like I said....I love your comments and will always answer YOU back when I have an email address. Let's make sure I have one.....friend!!!!!

Until next time...........Hugs,

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  1. Ooooh, you did a brilliant job with the painting. I'm liking that red hermit crab especially, lol. My mother used to love the olive shells the best. ..