Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Who stole my warm beach weather???

Good Golly Miss Molly....who stole my nice warm beach weather? It's 20 outside but feels like it's 11?? I truly think that some how Mother Nature has forgotten that this is the South and here it's suppose to stay warm enough to still walk on the beach. Ohhhhh, you could go for a walk today but ya might feel as though your skin was being peeled away from yer bones. Ok that might be an over exaggeration..hehe...but it's so NOT beach walking weather.

Since the weather is too cold to go outside and the Chazman is home sound asleep, (yes yes, the school board closed the schools today because of the cold weather...a first I think....shaking head) which means the house is quiet so I have been doodling. As I've told everyone before I call it doodling because well..that's what it is. Simply lines that create a doodle that hopefully looks like a drawing!!

Of course, living at the beach and the fact that it's cold outside and I can't take my walk today I figured I would doodle a few that could take that walk. Meet Charlie and Carey....two siblings that so enjoy life and the adventures it takes them on. I have been wanting to do a children's book (or two) and I believe I have come up with my two main characters. Brave lil souls aren't they? Braving the chilly morning air.

I'm also working on some of my beach themed jewelry pieces...two necklaces. My camera batteries went "POOF" before I could get a WIP shot of them but I will have one for you the next post as I have those batteries charging as we speak. Hmmmmm, wonder if my orbs are messing with me again (looking around) I guess I will snap a few shots to see when I can. If I have completely made you scratch your noggin about my orbs, just take a peek HERE and you will understand...I promise!! Ohhh and it's kinda a long post but read it anyway..^_^

So happy you dropped by today for a visit and I hope to see ya again real soon. Have a wonderful and WARM Tuesday!!

Until next time..........Hugs,


  1. Hey Miss Regina! It's cold here in Florida, too...22 degrees at the moment! Stay safe! Sounds like a great time to craft inside :)

  2. Yep, Florida is all cold too. I think your doodling is enchanting and I am quite intrigued by their little story. Are the names just random, or do Charlie and Carey have special significance to you? Have fun with the crafting and enjoy the cozy day!