Friday, January 24, 2014

What is that funny white stuff falling from the sky???

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it even possible. Not sure I do even though I DID see it. I did...I did!!! It was sleeting/snowing in our little Southern coastal town this morning. Oh was. The Chazman and I were on our way to school, stopped at a red light and this funny white stuff was slowly drifting down from the sky. There wasn't much but it was enough to get the Chazman VERY excited. I think I was in shock and wondering if I had socks thick enough that I could still get my flip flops on...hehe!!

Not long after I got home, the mister called to ask if it was snowing here. I told him about our SHOCK and EXCITEMENT and he said that it was snowing and sticking good over in Mobile. Hmmmm...snowing in Mobile, Alabama and sticking!!!

I asked him to take a pic and send it because otherwise......folks.....just....would...NOT....believe us. Proof's the proof!!! He sent an email about 30 minutes ago and said that it was still snowing. Unbelievable!!!

My big girl, Callie just went to the door and wanted Ooooouuuttt (yes, she sounds like she says out) and to my amazement I can hear the sleet...hard to see but you can hear it just a crackling!! Cool beans or should that be frozen beans? Bahahahaha

Since it is so chilly (34 feels like 24 and before any of my Northern friends say anything...I know that's not as cold as ya'll and no where near your temps but to's freakin frrrrrreezing..hehe) I'm inside working on those necklaces still. fingers don't twist so good when they are cold. ^_^  I have a cup of hot tea beside me and I will twist a bit and then take a drink and hold the mug to warm my fingers. It feels so so good. Anyhow, I have three finished and three more to go. Here are the three that are complete.

Black hemp rope with natural hemp, two faceted violet jade beads, Tibetan charm holder, scallop shell with broken murex shell (mermaid key) and silver wire.

 Light rose hemp rope with white tatting thread (twisted square knot used), two moonstone beads, Tibetan charm holder, scallop shell, three wing oyster shells with moonstone bead.
Light rose hemp rope with dark rose hemp rope, four rose quartz beads, Tibetan charm holder, two scallop shells, two coquina shells, silver wire.

Ohhhh...someone is knocking on the back door. Hey, it's Miss Callie...yes she knocks on the door. HeHe Seems she had enough listening to the crackling sleet.

I'm going to make each necklace unique since I am using shells found on our beach walks. After I finish the other three then I'm going to make some paper seashell tags to go on them. I want folks to know what kind of shells and where they were found.

Since it's going to be a bit chilly all weekend then I plan on making some of my turtle clay charms and a sweet friend, Debbie, that is involved in our local turtle hatchlings was kind enough to give me some of the dates they hatched on. I'm going to put that on the back of the clay charm and use some for necklaces and perhaps some hemp rope bookmarks.

Sooooo, are YOU staying warm today and busy? Would love to hear what's happening in your neck of the woods or beach or mountains or plains...hehe  Thank you for stopping by today...I always look forward to your visit.

Until next time.................keep a shell in your pocket and some sand between those toes,


  1. Lovely jewelry! I like the way you've added interest to the back of the necklace, too. Thanks for visiting me.

    Crafty Journal

  2. The necklaces are gorgeous! My sister lives in Florida, and she always gets cold when the weather cools slightly, because she doesn't have a coat! Up here the temps have been in the single digits, but I do have a big warm coat! (P.S. I love Alabama and will get to Orange Beach in May.)