Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Thursdays!! (it is Thursday, ri iight??)

Goodness...I had to recheck my calendar to make sure it really is Thursday already. I would be sooo lost without my calendar. I would be even more lost if I didn't mark off each day on that calendar. Yes, Yes..I'm getting a tad bit forgetful...just ahhhhh...what were we talking about it? HeHe

I have been trying to recoup from walking on the beach this past Sunday. Now I LOVE to walk on the beach but I have to make sure that I don't take a 3 hour trek without resting in between again. Me old bones are letting me know that I seriously abused them AND now they are abusing me right back.

We did find some beautiful shells on that walk. Not any big ones but several small ones and lots of broken ones but ya'll know just how much I love the broken ones too.

Nice little lot Mother Nature gave, yes? There were several that had the natural holes in them and those make perfect earrings, IF I have matches to go with them in this bunch. I do believe I have one or two. Some great twisted broken ones that will look amazing in a glass jar or in the hermies (clay hermit crabs) habitats. You remember the lil hermies, ri iight? Well, here's a photo for those that haven't seen them or have forgotten. Geez!!! hehe

Now some of the shells that we found Sunday and some of the ones that most seem to walk on past are actually my favorite ones to find. The big broken ones that look like wings.....angel wings. I know that everyone can look at something and see something completely different but if you take a close look then I'm sure you will see the broken wing too. I helped a little bit so that you would see it.

I want to make a few of these and put them inside a shadow box frame. Two shells, one looking at the front side and the other painted on the inside with a few pretty white feathers. NO no, no angels or faeries were hurt in obtaining the feathers...they were a gift. I have a poem that I wrote that I will place in between the shells.

Tis short my stay
on this warm, sun soaked day.

To hear Mother Ocean's roar
and know that soon I must soar.

Soar up into the sky 
so calm and blue
but I'll leave
behind something
just for you.

You that gets to walk 
on the warm, white sand
A broken shell to be
placed in your hand.

Look closely 
and you will see
An angel wing tis
what it be.

Until next time..........Hugs,


  1. Ooooh, those wings.......... girl, they are gorgeous, what a great idea! And what a sweet poem, I like your plan.

  2. Very nice loot you got there from Mother Nature! WOW. I confess, I am one of those that would leave the broken shells where they lay. (((Shhhhhhh!) I DO see the angel wing---what a lovely way to see it! LOVE the little poem too and I think your idea is a great one of putting it with the angel 'wings'. Too, too cold for the beach today, yes?