Friday, January 10, 2014

Oysters, oysters everywhere!!

Good FRIDAY morning to all. So happy you stopped by to sit under the old Southern ooaks tree for a bit.  Be careful and don't step on all the oyster shells lying about. Not that you could really hurt them...they are tough little shells but they might put an ouchie on that footsie. ^_^

While digging through my shell stash the other day, I found some oyster shells that I had totally forgotten I had. I LOVE oyster shells and I have to admit that they kinda remind me of well ummmmm ME. Ya know, kinda rough and weathered on the outside but smooth and pretty on the inside. HeHe Well...that's how I feel!!

I made some cute little mermies the other day but in looking at them I thought "Hmmmmm, they need something else", yes, that was the thought I had and I did something about it. With the help of an oyster shell I turned them into cute little ring holders.

Cute, ri iight??  Mother Natures perfect little holder, well, with a tad bit of help from muah!! The lil mermaid face one has already been claimed. HeHe  I will be putting the other two in my Etsy shop. I plan on making several more of these plus when I get some new oyster shells and some are big enough, I'm going to be making some soap dishes. I'm sure my muse will probably come up with a few other items too.

Until next time...........Hugs,

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  1. Heheheheheeeee! These are adorable. I like the little green tail, wonder what she's looking for. ..