Thursday, January 30, 2014 happy that Mother Nature finally remembered!!!!

Happy Happy Thursday and thank you so much for stopping by to visit. I have a fresh pot of coffee on and am more than willing to share a cup or two. The more you help me drink means the less I will drink. I get a bit wacky...ummmm...ok ok...wackyER the more I drink..hehe!!

Please excuse me for there not being any post for a bit. I think it's been almost a week...YIKES  My only reason for not is that we have been dealing with some VERY uncommon weather in our part of the woods or should I say beach. My studio area is in the back of the house and which use to be the back porch that ran the length of the house so it's a fairly large room and that makes it hard to heat. Well....I could keep it warm but then I would be roasting the Chazman and the mister in the front part of the house. Can't be a doing that now can I?

As you can see in my first photo we have SUN and you won't be able to see the icicles hanging off the branches for much longer I imagine. happy that Mother Nature finally remembered where we live. I know to most this is just how winter is but not here. Some of my friends that have grown up in the area said they can't ever remember it getting like this so ya can just imagine how things worked (or didn't) here. I will say that I'm so thankful that we do live in this area because when times get hard the community acts as a whole and does what it needs to do to help one another out. There were some places that opened up with volunteer employees that came in to fix hot meals for the emergency teams having to stay out in the weather and work. Others brought hot chocolate or coffee out to them. I'm so proud of our police, firemen, city emergency workers, utility workers and everyone involved in keeping us safe for doing their job without any complaints. It's a good place to live.

I do NOT like the cold but I have to admit that the ice made some beautiful designs that sure sent my muse into overdrive!! The trees looked like they were covered in diamonds. Ohhhh how I wish!!! Hehe

 Callie and Boo did not want to stay inside just because of the ice either. Of course I made them until they both started howling so loudly that I finally gave in and let them see for themselves.

See...these silly cats enjoyed playing in the ice...such goofs. Callie was really cute because every time they would step in a place that would crunch she would hiss and jump straight up and then back up and stalk it. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't take a photo...sorry!! They only stayed out for about 5 minutes and then wanted back in and did not ask to go back outside for the rest of the day. Imagine that!!!!

I did bundle up and came back here to work some yesterday afternoon. I mean ya'll know that my art is my therapy and a girl can only go without her therapy for so long. I mean really!! I couldn't work on jewelry or sculpt because my fingers just didn't want to work right...dang I worked on making some cards to put on the pieces I'm making to place in the shop "Beach Reflections". I'm so excited about so excited. I'm planning on making the sales tags somthing that can be kept as a souvenir too. Still in the planning phase.

I hope that YOU have had a great week without to many mishaps or temper tantrums by Mother Nature. I hope that you will stop by again soon too. I love when you come to visit!!!!

Until next time.....keep a shell in your pocket and some sand between your toes,

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