Monday, January 20, 2014

Quiet Monday!!

Thank you for stopping by this beautiful Monday morning (or afternoon). I so love when you come to visit!!!

It's a quiet Monday here...the sun is shining...the birds are singing and I'm enjoying my time working on some shell jewelry pieces.

 The earrings are done. So happy happy that I have some that match so well.
 A pretty scallop shell with a glass vial with sand and a tiny cone shell inside. There is also a small scallop and barnacles attached. So love my beach walks and the treasures I find.
Here is an auger shell or perhaps it's really a unicorn horn with a small aquamarine bead. Pretty silver wire looped all around and a tiny glass vial filled with sand and a tiny lil auger shell.

The earrings are finished but I'm still working on the necklaces. They are on hemp rope (I want to keep the piece as natural as possible) and I still need to do the twisted square knot binding at the tops. 

Again, thank you for stopping by. Please leave me a comment and an email addy so that I can send a reply back. Best way to make new friends and I love my friends!!!

Until next time..........keep a shell in your pocket and some sand between your toes,

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  1. Ahhhhh, sand in between the toes. That sounds nice. Peeking at your delightful jewelry is nice too. I don't know how you manage to just have shells that match up so nicely like that. ..