Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blustery Tuesday indeed!!!

Goodness....it truly is a blustery day. I have little fingers knocking on my big picture window and arms waving at me from the ancient ones outside.  Not real ones of course but those tiny little fingers (branches) on the Kumquat tree and the long strong branches on the big trees. I love to see the branches swaying back and forth....like they are doing a dance and begging me to come and join in. Yes....yes....my imagination is in full swing today!!!

Yesterday and early this morning, I worked on some shell medallions to make some more necklaces with. I'm so loving going through my shells found on our beach walkabouts. As ya'll already know, I really love the broken ones best. I guess part of it is because with my VERY vivid imagination I see so much more than a little broken shell. I feel so BLESSED to have been given this gift even if to some it makes me seem a bit weird/different/strange but like my son tells me "Mom...you're different with a side of AWEsome".  I can live with that. ^_^

If you look closely on your next beach walk, ya just might find some of the wing oyster shells that Mother Nature washes up on shore. They don't look like much to most but WOW....put them together and you will be amazed at what you will see. Like this little grouping.......

The big shell is a scallop shell. Lovely colors in this one. Those tiny shells (the dark ones and the pearl) are broken wing oyster shells. I did not break any of these and look at how perfectly they fit together and once together....do you see it? A mermaid tail!!!

Scallop shells come in a variety of colors....from light to dark. I thought this dark one would make a great background for more wing oyster shells. Stacked on top of one another they almost look like a pretty flower. The bead is a moonstone but to me, I think it looks like a shiny untouched pearl that would surely be hidden in a mermaid's treasure box.

This lil broken beauty is what's left of a moon shell. Ohhh the stories it could tell us if only we could hear. The tiny shell poking out like a hankie in a pocket is called a kitten's paw.

Can ya tell I really like the scallop shells? HeHe  Ya have to admit that they do make for a pretty background piece. This one is not really as dark as in the photo. It is more of a light grey. The broken piece in the middle I believe is part of a murex shell. The Chazman thought it looked like an old fashioned key of some sort. Perhaps the key to a mermaid's treasure box? Indeed!!

Now I don't always use just broken shells. The whole ones we find are lovely too and I found some that were just the right size for a necklace or two.

Two scallop shells in the same color hues....perfect!! The bigger one had a few tiny holes so adding the smaller one was....well.....just what it needed, yes?  The pretty butterfly that has landed on top are actually two coquina shells. Now here is one of the times folks will think I'm a bit looney. Yes, yes I know you already think that....but at least it's with a side of awesome, ri iight??  I know you have seen these little shells, the ones that come in on the waves and immediately try and bury themselves. I would took seeing how they are apparently a favorite snack for the little sandpipers in the spring and summer and the plovers in the winter. Now the reason I said that some will think I'm a bit looney is that I will NOT take any of these pretty shells unless they are open and empty. I figure once they are open that they have served their purpose that Mother Nature had intended and are ready for a new adventure.....as jewelry!!!

This beauty is a fighting conch shell. It measures about 2 1/2 inches. For some reason I saw pearls with this one and as you can tell that's what I used. These are the last of my vintage pearls from a 60+ year old wedding veil I had.

Now...I bet ya can guess just what I will be doing the rest of the morning. Turning these pretties into necklaces. After that I will be making another necklace holder because my first one has filled up fast!!

Thank you soooo much for stopping by to visit. I do hope that you will come again and often. Bring some friends next time....the more the merrier, yes?

Until next time...............keep a shell in your pocket and some sand between your toes.


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  1. Wow these are beautiful. And what a nice compliment for the "boy". LOL
    I have a box of shells packed away somewhere. I should dig them out and send them to you.
    I will see what I can do.