Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm so head is spinning!!!! HeHe

Do you remember this song? Some of you probably don't since it was recorded in 1969 but I remember it AND before you go and be thinking "WOW....Regi sure is old". I was only 11.  Now you're also probably wondering why in the world I posted this to begin with. It's because I spent all day yesterday cutting out my tags for my jewelry and shell designs and got EXTREMELY dizzy in doing so!!! Yea Yea....I know...I'm dizzy all the time but doing all that cutting and turning of the paper well, it just made my head spin. (it also reminded me of this song)

They turned out really cute, ri iight?? It was the seahorse that had my head a spinning but it was well worth every single seasick feeling. Ohhhhh...I made a funny. Did ya catch it? Cutting out seahorses and getting sea sick...water. Ohhh never mind..hehehe   Now what was I saying...oh talking about the tags. I used recycled cardstock. I found a cute seahorse and just did the outline and then as you know, cut it out. I'm old school plus the mister won't let me buy any of the cute stamps that I could have made these with. Mean Man!!  The shell card came from an image I had saved on my computer some time back. I think it was from a card that was stamped (see..I could really use some of the cute stamps available....MEAN MEAN MAN)  I'm always looking at images and saving the ones I might use down the road.  On the back of the shell card I wrote....

This item is a true (ooak)
One of a kind
Designed by S Regine Moore
using natural shells found
on beach walks here in
Gulf Shores, Alabama

I like how they look on each piece. I'm going to take just a few items to Beach Reflections to begin with, to see how they do. I still have to get some glass containers to do the hermie habitats this afternoon and will get everything delivered to the shop by (fingers crossed) Monday.

Today is going to be a squishing of the clay day. I'm trying to decide just what or who I'm going to have coming in or going out of some shells..hehe

Until next time..........keep a shell in your pocket and some sand between your toes!!!


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  1. I love the Seahorses!!! Do you remember being able to by them in package (dried) and adding water and they came to life? I think they were marketed as "Sea Monkies!" I know you had to be dizzy! Hey, I remember that song, and "Big Girls, Don't Cry! I have a bit of age as well, I like to think of it as a fine wine, getting better everyday! New follower here and thanks for visiting my "Clutter" via #Sits Hugs, Kim