Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gypsy, the blackberry thief

Price: $ 125.00 plus shipping

Fall...the beautiful time of the year. Cool crisp breezes blowing through the sunflowers that are growing tall with their heads turned toward the sun. Trees expressing themselves by showing off all their colors of yellow, green and red. The pumpkin patch with all it's fat, plump fruits spreading themselves over the ground. The blackberries just perfect for picking and filling up a basket for a delicious pie.....wait...where did the blackberries go?
This is Gypsy....she is a very sweet faery but she just can't resist the sweet taste of the fall blackberries. Of course she can't eat them all by herself so if you sit down by the pumpkins and the sunflowers she is surely to share a few with you.
Gypsy is a poseable sculpt. Her face, torso, hands and feet are hand sculpted from Super Sculpey clay without the use of any molds. Her eyes are hand painted using acrylic paints. Her hair is Tibetan Lambswool (sheared). Her outfit is made from silk ribbons and pure blend wool yarns. Her belt is adorned with glass beads and stones. She has a choker necklace made from yarn and glass beads. Her wings are preserved butterfly wings that have been decorated with glass beads and stones and tiny gold embellishments. She is holding one of the blackberries that she swiped.
She sits upon a fat juicy pumpkin (made from vinyl) that has silk sunflowers on top. They make the perfect faery seat you know. Gypsy is removable and her arms and legs can be moved to gently pose.
If interested in letting the tiny little thief come live with you,please email me for additional information. Thank you for looking and please check back often for new ooaks to be added. Hugs!

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