Thursday, January 27, 2011

Custom Signature Stamp

Have you ever pondered over something regarding your craft and out of the clear blue sky the answer just comes to you...falls right into your lap? That happened to me might not have just come to me on my own but it sure came out of the clear blue. I had been fretting over how to put my artist signature on my ooaks. Not that my name "Regi" is a long drawn out one or one that would take up much space but I still couldn't decide on a good way to place it on the sculpt so that I knew it would stay. So far my pen signature has lasted but I wanted something a bit more permanent....something that I knew would stay on the sculpt for as long as the sculpt was around and that is what I'm hoping will be a very, VERY long time.

My friend Julee, over at Mommy's Memorandum discovered that the Charm Factory  was looking for clay artist to test one of their new products. Of course, I immediately sent them an email asking if I could be one of their testers and can you guess what the product was? was for a new Custom Signature Stamp they have. WOW...was I ever so excited when I was chosen to be one of the testers. I was able to choose what I wanted on the stamp, as in my name and even had three different fonts to chose from. They even offered to let me send in a photo of my logo or actual signature and see if they could set it up for me. I chose just my little artist signature name and one of their fonts. They even sent me a proof of how my name turned out and what it would look like stamped in the clay. Can we say "HAPPY..HAPPY"? 

After receiving Angie's email with my signature proof and then me saying it looked "AWESOME", I patiently ( patient as I could be) waited for it to arrive. I know that my poor mailman must think I am a complete looney tunes as he brought my little package to my door and I started giggling and dancing with excitement. He was kind and just handed it to me and then quickly (very quickly) walked back to his truck. Upon opening my envelope this is what I found.....
The most perfect little stamper in the world. has it's own key chain holder which makes it perfect to hang on a little hook close to my work desk. Even has the web link right on the handle so you can reference it for future ordering. Like one with my Southern Ooaks logo and one with the Chazman's name and well...I think you get the idea.

It is a great size to handle....right at 2". The handle is made from lead free pewter right there at the factory. The stamp itself is 1/2" wide x 3/8" tall. The depth is 1/32"....just perfect for the letters to extrude to make a wonderful imprint. The stamp itself is laser engraved on Delrin which is a stronger substance than your normal rubber stamps. Which means it will last longer....YEAH...and who doesn't like our supplies lasting longer. If you need the stamp area smaller then they might be able to accommodate you on that...they just can't make it any bigger.
This is my first ooaks that I stamped using my new signature stamper. It worked like a charm (ohhhh a funny...worked like a CHARM and it came from the CHARM Factory...ok ok so I'm still so excited about this signature stamper.) It is very easy to use. I would perhaps practice a few times with it just to make sure you know how much pressure to apply. It worked best for me by making sure I was holding it completely upright and pressing downwards in the clay. Clean up is a breeze too. Just some warm water. If you like to use colored clay then you can even use mild liquid soap if more than the warm water is needed. Since I love making my small sculpts I thought one of my TED E BEAR weebies would be perfect for the test run. (OMGOSH...another funny....test run...tesing out the stamper..OK OK I'm still excited...doesn't take much....does it?) Remember these are my tiny 2" characters. The signature is perfect. Don't you think? I know that it will last as long as the ooaks more worries!!
 I'm so happy with this product and with the Charm Factory. If you need something to put your mark on your clay pieces or your precious metal clay pieces then please consider the Charm Factory. This stamp sells for $44.99 and there are NO...yes I said NO set up fees, quote fees or any additional fees. Plus you get Free...yes I said FREE shipping. What a deal with no matter what the content...any text, signature or logo...the stamp is only $44.99 and FREE shipping.

The Charm Factory is a great place for the jewelry artist as well. So many beautiful charms to choose from. Silver charms, sterling silver charms and they can even make your custom jewelry tags. Please take the time to go and check them out and tell them Regi sent you....not that I get anything for you doing that....but it sure will make me feel important...LOL!!!

Charm Factory...Made in the USA...Free Shipping in the U.S. for orders over $25.00
PO Box 91625
Albuquerque, NM 87199

Until Next time.....Hugs, Regi


I will not receive nor did I receive any money for promoting the Charm Factory in this blog post. I did however get to be a tester for the stamper and therefore do get to keep it. has my name on it ^_^


  1. Nice product, thanks for sharing:)

  2. Okay...I now need one of those...I love how professional it is! <3

  3. That is really cool. Hmmm....might have to look into that!

  4. How exciting, you were selected as a tester! The blog post is great, thanks for sharing this amazing tool.

    Nice blog, also! Following now!

  5. Thank you all for stopping by. I was so excited to test this product. I hope that you will go and check Charm Factory out...really awesome supplies.

    Ya'll know I just love my friends stopping by...I hope ya'll come back again and again and ok ya know what I mean...LOL


  6. Boy oh boy! That sounds like something I could really use! Thank you for sharing about it. I will check them out!

    Peace and Hugs,