Monday, January 17, 2011

The Three Bears

I really shouldn't have said "The Three Bears" because this particular lil weebie is actually the character of one lil bear....Ted E Bear. He is gearing up for Valentine's and wants to make sure he is completely and totally prepared.

The first weebie is of Ted E. wanting to share his bounty of pure, sweet honey he just happen to find laying on the ground. Seems someone (did I mention that Pooh Bear is a neighbor) knocked down this wonderful beehive filled to the brim with honey. They must have forgotten to take the hive with do tend to forget with a swarm of angry bees hot on your furry tail. Their loss but Ted E. Bear's gain. Now he wants to share it with YOU. He wants to know if you will "Bee his Honey". What a sweet lil bear!!! He sits at a tiny 3 1/2 ". He is sculpted out of white Sculpey clay and then hand painted and rubbed using acrylic paints. His eyes are tiny glass beads. He is sitting on top of a hand sculpted heart made out of clay..hand rubbed and then vintage MICA flakes placed on top. His sign is hand painted on card stock with a felt backing. His little bee holder is made from copper wire. The bottom of the base is covered in felt...he doesn't want to scratch whatever he is sitting on.

Beautiful wild roses can be found almost everywhere in Ted E. Bear's forest. He has picked two lovely ones and has even found a tiny little heart vase to place them in. This little Ted E. stands at a tiny 3" tall. He is hand sculpted using white Sculpey clay...hand painted and rubbed using acrylic paints. His eyes are tiny glass beads. His flowers and vase are sculpted out of clay and hand rubbed with acrylic paints as well. His base is covered in hearts that have been hand painted and rubbed and then vintage MICA flakes placed on. The bottom is covered in felt.

Of course, Ted E. can't forget candies for his sweetheart and what better candy than tiny candy hearts with love sayings on them. This Ted E. is a tiny 2" tall and is sitting on top of a heart sculpted out of Sculpey clay with layers of clay candy hearts attached. Around the base heart I have covered it using my vintage MICA flakes. The bottom covered in felt. This piece is sculpted out of clay...hand painted and rubbed using acrylic paints. His eyes are tiny glass beads. He is holding a sweetheart made from clay that is telling you what he wants to give you. A great big Bear HUG!!

I enjoy making my weebies so much. They make cute little collectibles for holidays, birthdays, baby showers and for just a "I love you" gift. Keep them in mind the next time you need a small gift for that special occasion. If you have something in particular that you would like for me to do just let me know. These three lil Bears are going to visit my Etsy shoppe. Now...I hear another one of my weebie characters calling me me. What? Did I hear a "Whooooo"? Come back for a visit and see.

Until next time...........Hugs, Regi


  1. These are absolutely adorable!

  2. These are SO sweet! And can't wait to see who your new weebie will be!

  3. Son adorables!!!
    besitos ascension

  4. These are so adorable! And I just LOVE my new dust bunnie you created for me!!! Thank you so much Regi!